samedi 5 septembre 2009

ME MUST POST!!!!!! 2

....warned not to eat meals in other people's houses.Bobo Yin found himself learning to cook.Thanks to Obidike,a co-tenant he learnt to cook a couple of nigerian meals,and as time went on he found himself loving starch and Banga soup.He and Obidike became good friends until Obidike found out that Bobo Yin was touching his sister in places where... *well I'll let y'all imagine*

Obidike reported him to the traders association in Alaba and Bobo Yin was ostracised *I wonder wat this word means* anyways he was banished from the market cos Obidike had connections.The fighting spirit in him led him to begin a career in catering services *a posh name for wat we know as mama or papa put in his case.The business actually flourished for a while until he met Debby.Debby was a rice trader she sold bags of rice to people who ordered for them,she had a flat tire and it was being fixed in a mechanic's close to his joint.She came in to get a bottle of soft drink but the real reason was to escape the advances she was getting from the local boys around the mechanic's workshop.At that moment Bobo Yin was busy handling a pot of amala he was preparing and trying to wash dishes at the same time.

She went over to him and noticing his unusual accent as he made good her order,she asked;

"Futeo make buignol effi?"

Shocked out of his inevitable afro,he replied;

"Futea marina Bali 3 anioses"

I know I got y'all lost even myself but they were speaking some dialect that a tribe in Bali speak and he said he went to school in Bali for 3 years after she asked him if he had any relation with the buignols.

They got talking and she noticed how smart he sounded and they kept talking more and more and even left the amala that Bobo Yin was preparing to get burnt.It's some strange tradition that the buignols practise.They leave everyother thing they're doing when you have a guest in the house and you must sit on the floor while your guest stands.

After telling her his sad story and how he found his ass doing papa put,she gave him her address and asked him to come see her at home.She left and Bobo Yin couldn't stop smiling throughout the day cos the Buignols have it as tradition that if you became sad after receiving a guest in your house you were likely to die in your sleep.

The day came that Bobo Yin was to go see her.Equiped with brand new white clothing he went there in a taxi-something he had never done since he came to Nigeria.She met him at the door and like the buignols she welcomed him with a french kiss *another buignol thingy* but the kiss is not to necessarily last more than 10 sec but this particular kiss went on for 5 full minutes and later on graduated to something else.

The two fell in love and Debby encouraged him to continue his studies.He enrolled in APTECH apapa where he got certified as a computer specialist and he began to make crazy money in the time of the internet boom.he became a big boy and got himself a car and got a Luxury bus for Debby.Life was splendid until the day Debby was killed on her way back from Cotonou.A jealous custom officer who she had turned down his advance so many times had been behind it.

Bobo Yin got wind of this news,sold off alll his property and got on a plane to his home town but as he was ascending the stairs of the plane,the "custom officer" was descending into teh earth being a muslim and all he wasn't allowed to stay more than a day in the mortuary.

A new life in a town he left Six years ago,things had changed the economy of his coutry was now better that that of Nigeria as well as their currency so he wasn't such a big boy anymore,so.........

I'm sorry if I sound like a Nigerian movie but this is to be continued cheers!!!

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  1. LOL....I Like! Buignols..Nice Story. U have a really nice imagination

  2. thanks y'all
    hehe I formed that word and you like?
    well me like you too!

  3. "Papa-Put", Buignols, teeheheee!