mercredi 3 juin 2009


Writing……I think I love.

Ever since I read Azuka’s blog,I’ve been thinking that I love his style,like how he got his thing going on.He writes like these awesome stories and also write some awesome *actually I don’t know how much* computer programmes.

There are some obviously unreasonable events that occur in life that just makes you think.Ranging from the religious killers to men who rape toddlers even girls who have no restraint whatsoever to pose nude for a couple of bucks.

I believe that for every act there is a reaction *not always equal and opposite* . This reaction might not be immediate,it could take as long as the naira to be equal to the value of the dollar
ten years but it gets around.A father having kids at opposite ends of the world and those kids decide to meet and somehow fall in love with each other probably even get married and have lots of sex lots of kids.Incredible things that happen that have no explanation that’s really quite logic.

I love the Nigerian national football team,I love Nigeria.Last night in a football match against France,for reasons I’d like to keep private *although I think some people should know* I fell in love once again.

I wish I had a story to tell,like a heart rending one that keeps you on your toes and taps you in front of your screen,a bit like the “scribbly” type but definetely not that afrobabilicious kind.The Carlangy and Azukaish fit a little bit.But what would be a bomb would be the mixture of them all,would definetely blow you minds.

I’m stuck in a dilema,wondering what life is all about and why I don’t follow God as much as I should.I go to church and all,I don’t drink,smoke.............well you get it.I could say I’m not exactly the devil or your average bad boy at that.But I want to be *a little* because I think girls are readily attracted to “bad boys”.I’m not totally shallow as a lot of readers might be thinking ,although I do fancy having a menage à quatre someday,but I digress.Why can’t I be like some pastor?fire breathing and water drinking and stuff.

I haven’t all what I’m thinking or as I’ve thought because as the thoughts come they are quickly replaced by others and disintegrate.

I want to travel ABROAD, eat mac donalds burgers and fries,those long talked about kebabs,french cheese and bread “pain à pates”.Walk out on the streets and with everything I do I can be confident that YES! I CAN.Take the subway,get mugged by a group of gangstars and then seek revenge in the name of my assasinated dog.Perform grand heists and prison breaks with the most sophisticated guns and computers.And yeah,Use really big words like everyday and just be so at home saying them that girls just drool over the eloquent handsome young

Better still is going into a medievial times and with all the courage in the world added with all the stupidity in south Molibawi,charge an army of soldiers and send about fifteen of those soldiers to an early grave *12 and 13 year olds were cosidered young at the time,above twenty without countless deaths to your name,people considered you gay and feeble*

"more lives have been saved by calm men that courageous one"

And with the same blow with which I had struck down the 16th,I kill the 17 with two swords inside of me and the rise up to behead the 18-23rd who consider it their place to take my head as a trophy for haven ended the days of their most dreaded enemy who wouldn’t bow for any man.At the 23rd the rest of the not so many soldiers now decide to let the body be,as even in death i strike fear in the hearts of men.A handsome,courageous and yet stupid warrior who has bedded 12 women in different villages he had conquered and had each one of them pregnant.At the age of 18,he leaves the world to a better place *yeah right* leaving behind 15 young lads stupid as he was,having it in their mind to revenge their father as soon as they were ready *13 ish*
Their mothers couldn’t stop them afterall she was just a woman.

Random rocks and yeah I do too..............

DISCLAIMER:In the event of any scandal produced as a result of my words being quoted elsewhere,we at GfuncICS will not submit to legal or spiritual actions in the pursuit of claims of redemption.