jeudi 17 septembre 2009


Nowadays I've come to start to like to go abroad.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I'd really like to go to some foreign coutry where you have seasons and ish like there are fancy names for the seasons.We say rainy season and dry season and sometime harmattan and that's about it.But in western countries they say ish like winter,summer,autumn,spring,fall,and a couple of other that don't come to mind right now.

I was walking through the streets the other day,in fact I was in a market where people like me go to but electronics and stuff,then it started to rain.I had to be some place and since I didn't have money to pay for "okada" *public transport in form of motor bikes*,I had to walk through the rain.

It got to a point where I began to feel kinda cold and I was shivering and then i noticed that my breath was forming fumes,like white fumes.You know how it gets in those foreign films where you see the people talking and they're producing fumes like as if they were smoking when they actually aren't,well that happened to me and I had a God sent "oyinbo" experience hehe.

I want you all to be aware that I'm a liar,that's wat Goodnaijagirl told me.And yes it is true.I write on my blog wat I feel like I place myself *or the character* where I want feel like and I write based on that.Like she asked me I might not even be a guy but that's just me,that's just Gfunc.

I just had to make this clear so that people don't get surprises and take me for someone I'm not.I may have said my name and stuff but that kinda makes me all the more anonymous because then you don't know me at all,cos I'm limited to not write all that I want and ish.But sometime I do.....It's all kinda complicated.I mostly write watever comes to mind and that's it.

I wish y'all a lovely day not minding if you don't read this post today,matter of fact I want to wish y'all a lovely life.CHEERS!

i still gat love for ms dufa*though she hasn't commented on my last post*,David *the russian*,Sir scribbles*small love* and all y'all

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  1. LOL.. Tokyo? Sounds interesting... It's not all cool and dandy.. but we'll see anyways..

  2. Bare with me, school isnt easy. If someone had told me, i would have married that rich alhaji. Havent had time2blog or read blogs.

  3. aaaaaahhhhh!!!! She finally did. Lucky G-Func!!! lol @ the liar thingy. I repeat, u r a very bad sharp guy!

  4. Hehe

    @akabagucci:Are you like in Tokyo?
    I just like japan and stuff that's why I mentioned it nothing serious and I told you I'm a liar hehe

    @Ms dufa:You marry alhaji?well your own better
    money go dey flow now na

    @sugarking:you see sey the babe don marry alhaji so free me now hehe I no lucky be that and this is not the actual post.I be God pikin sef not this "bad sharp guy" wey you dey call me.

  5. LOL As I read this entry I had a comment in mind to leave but maybe I won't leave it again.

    Everyone's got a different blogging style: some share the minutiae of their life, others prefer to share stories, while others give you a bit of both.

  6. @Goodnaijagirl:Yeah I kinda have an idea what that comment would be especially when you said

    "some share the minutiae of their life, others prefer to share stories, while others give you a bit of both."