dimanche 26 décembre 2010


I walked over to Bro. James who was conducting the cleaning for that day to know what task I had been assigned. After obtaining details on how I was going to dismount the canopies, fold up the canvas and then ensure that they were taken back to the rentals, I walked over to the first Canopy where Dayo, who I was going to be working with, awaited me.

I said hi and made some quick talk about how I once had a tee_shirt like the one he had on - a white tee with "it's not easy being green" written in front with green ink. He had this sheepish look that showed appreciation or respect or something . I didn't think much of it though.

Five minutes and one canopy dismounted later, I noticed Dayo looking at me .

"You don't notice her do you ?", he said,

"Notice who ?" I replied,

"The blue-eyed blond"

"What ???"

"You mean you don't notice her" he said, with an eye-lid raised,

I looked around and tried to figure out who he was talking about but most people were doing one thing or another in the church premises and I really couldn't make out who he was talking about

"I give up man, are you telling me or what ?" I said,getting impatient

"Well", he began, "I've noticed Chinelo look at you a couple of times in that way"

"What way ?" I almost shouted. Why was he beating around the bush ?

"Well you know when a girl likes a guy, there's a way she looks at him and then she often talks to Yemisi afterwards in that girly-gossip manner"

"Hmmm..." I said feeling a rush of excitement but didn't let it show

"Hmmm...?????" said Dayo "What do you mean hmmm...???"

"Ok" I said acting cool and all but inside me I couldn't believe that the prettiest girl in the church,whose father was really involved in church activities , was looking at me

"I just told you what I noticed", said Dayo in a resigning tone

He kept quiet for a while and we were able to finish three more canopies in silence, then he said,

"You don't like her ?"

"I don't hate her man, I bare even know her, so I don't know.Besides,we really need to work faster, we have two more canopies and there's that rental guy's place where we have to take them to so ...."

We worked for two more hours because we had to wait a bit at Funky rentals. The guy had gone over to set up canopies at some primary school graduation ceremony. Thanks to my bargaining skills which I put in full use this time, I was able to blackmail the guy with his lateness and stating that I had some important thing to do and he delayed me and so I was taking out 250 naira from his charges.

I got back to the church and Chinelo was still there with Yemisi doing pretty much nothing. I walked over to brother james and handed him the receipt and the "change" I had obtained. I said hi to the "sisters" and I noticed right there that Chinelo avoided my eyes while replying and Yemisi smiled at me while leaving on display all 32. I just acted like a "big boy" and made my way for the gate when I heard my name


I didn't turn back for fear that I was imagining things

"Bro Chikanelo"

I turned and saw Yemisi walking towards Bro james while Chinelo was still seated and looking at me

"Did you call me ?", I asked

"Yes I did", she said "You have a cockroach on your shirt"

I really dislike cockroaches but in order not to "fall my hand" before her I gently shook my shirt and watched the insect scurry away unlike normally when I would dance kpalango in a bid to get off the insect and then then with someone else's slippers crush the bug to smithereens

I looked at her and said thanks but I didn't see any lovey dovey look in her eyes, I wondered as I walked out of the church

On my way home just as I walked past Kemi's place, my phone rang. I brought out my nokia 8310 to hear the prettiest voice I had ever heard say my name ... again !