jeudi 12 novembre 2009


I stood there looking at it's face.
It was crying and it seemed to only have one purpose:

Annoy me out of my mind

She had left him with me since last week.Just after my last rest that lasted 30mins.

She had come in just after I had fallen asleep.

She had told me it's name but now I don't remember.

I think she said it was a girl.....or was it a boy.....I seriously don't remember.

The last time I cahnged it's diapers I was tranced,under the spell of insomnia that I barely recall what I saw.

I walked slowly to it's crib,I put in my hands to grab it's neck with a desperate look on my face.I had to do it.

I had to sleep.

I saw it's face turn from red to white.It wasn't crying now.

Just then the phone rang and a voice said "Look out the window"

There I saw Mrs. Bolaji,the nosy bitch

"I called the Police and they're on their way",she said.I felt like dying and that point

then she added,"I also called the hospital son,you need help"

I never thought I could see the day I'd be thankful for the nosy B****h.I just glided into oblivion in a silence...strangely.

I thought I heard someone walk in but I don't remember...I don't remember

mercredi 11 novembre 2009


....then freeedom came spontaneously.It felt weird at the beginning,none of us believed that after 5 years or being subjected to feeling enslaved,we finally had room to spread out our wings.

Our tale of life in secondary school might be similar to only a few but then among those few,we stood out.That morning I walked down the "sacred pathway" that the senior students had coveted for themselves only.We were more like animals destined to walk on the grassy,sandy pathwayalong with the Herbivores.
On the food chain the dog was on a higher strata than we,every rabies bite fearing senior let the dogs be.

As I walked down that morning at about 6:00am,I met Jeff along the way.He looked at me knowingly and we both burst out in screams of joy until someone in a window shouted at us to stop disturbing their sleep.

We parted,and I walked over to the final year students dormitory.I stood right in front and stared at the set of supposedly humans that caused us and our parents pain for over 5 years.I clenched my fist and felt like hurting someone,I felt like hurting all of them.

There they were smiling and rejoicing.

Why were they rejoicing?

Certainly not for the fact they they had come to the enc of their secondary studies


It was for how they had gotten away with all the evil things they had done.These evils varied from extorting from someone,a set of provisions meant for a couple of months and wastefully consuming it in a day.It was with these guys that I saw a can of 350g powdered milk get dissolved in a cup of 5cl.The things they did with our provisions made me wonder sometimes if these people had any conscience.

A couple of them saw me and stopped smiling immediately.On a normal day I couldn't even dare to think of standing where I stood that day so they probably thought I had something backing me.They quickly moved away.Inside of me I felt joy.The joy of taking back what was rightfully mine,my freedom,even if I didn't fight for it when I should have.

I turned and walked slowly to my dormitory,I reminensced about all the times I had run away from that dormitory to avoid being caught by another senior.I had never noticed that there was a divinely beautiful flower plant by the side of the pathway.Not that I liked fllowers or that kinda stuff but I'm just normally a kind of person who notices stuff and also notice when they change.I was feeling like .....

I got back to my dormitory and there were "parties" going on.Boys were celebrtaing the "new era" with garri,cornflakes,cabin biscuits all mixed together in buckets and sauced with milk and chocolate beverages.

I sat on my bed and began to plot my next use of this new foud freedom,it was going to be the freedom of expression,the liberty to express my feelings to miss Daisy anywhere I met her and not worry about any stupid ass senior sending me to buy him some snacks with my own money.

I was imagigining me kissing her already.I smiled and that smile didn't leave my face throughout that day.I sighed with dreamy eyes

"OH DAISY!....."

vendredi 6 novembre 2009


Why does it have to be this way?

I see her in the bus and my heart melts,I try not to look at her but I find myself staring everytime I sense a movement in her direction

"Is she getting out of the bus?",I ask myself

I turn to find that she's still there,unaware that I even exist or ....

I look at the woman selling fruits by the side of the road,she looked beautiful and like she could have done a whole lot better with her life,but then I didn't know a thing about her so I wasn't going to start writing up her life's story.

A girl in a red cardigan walked up to her and started picking up some oranges,I noticed the cardigan was kinda nice and I turned away.At the same moment she turned to frown at some tout who had accidentally hit her without apologising.

I saw her face,I had been so engrossed by the woman selling orabges that I didn't even notice when she alighted the bus.The bus began to move .....DAMN!!!

I noticed that she was through with her bargaining and was paying for the oranges.I began to holler the bus driver to stop so I could make my way towards "SHE" but being my lucky day,the bus driver had to be playing some stupid ass yoruba music.He eventually heard me,but had to move a further 50m before he could find a place to park.

I hastily paid him and didn't even bother for change,a nasty mistake I was only to realise later.

I made my way towards the orange seller woman,who didn't appear to be as potential as I thought.Her spoken english only went to confirm my thoughs as she replied my enquiries of the direction her "red cardiganed female costumer" had taken

"Me I no dey sell funnel,waka go mama Flour shop go ask!

or was it "mama flower"?

I I told her I didn't mean funnel but female which is the same thing as girl but as she wasn't still understanding me,I tried to communicate in my "clssiest" pidgin english ever

"shey you see wan girl,wey wear red swota(sweater/cardigan),wey follow you buy market now now,you sabi where she pass?"

After about 3 mins of time I didn't have,I was able to extract from her that my prey had boarded a bus nearby,which was just moving away


I quckly looked for a motor bike taxi(okada)

" BROS!!!!.......make you follow that "Danfo" bus "

I wasn't taking any chances with deaf or illiterate people anymore not in my life time

The chase went on for a while until I saw her get off the bus about 30 mins later,I instantly paid off "bros" and in the process "throwing away" a certain amount of money that I would have normally not dreamt of spending but I was "knocked down" by ....... "was it love?"

I approached "mademoiselle" saying

"Hi,I would..."

The words never came out of my mouth as I saw some angrily determined individual walking towards me and I think these were the words I heard

"Maga wey dey find Kpomo,if you no won go another place go find am you go see kpakpo"

I didn't wait to find out what those words meant,cos an hour of street education had intensely broadened my pidgin englis vocabulary.

I half flew,half ran,feeling the soles of my feet move close to my ears.Luckily "Bros" hadn't moved away

And surprisingly I heard these words come out my mouth


Yeah it could qualify for more that one word cos I didn't hear it as one word at the moment

I and bros sped off on his motor bike with my heart in my mouth and my arms around his least until I noticed the pervert having some stupid-ass smiley expression on his face.

This story came out as I put my hands to keyboard I hope y'all like it cos I had na opportunity to blog and I had to mad love for y'all CHEERS

mardi 3 novembre 2009


I would like to just leave a couple of words and let all those who pass by here know that I'm alive and in goo health lol

I'm kinda unavailable for the while and don't know when I'll have a chance to note down a couple of random thoughts that pass through my brain some of the times

Miss you all like ....... Kuli kuli nah maybe more!*

cheers my loves


holla at my girl Ms' dufa