lundi 28 décembre 2009

BOOM BOOM yeah! yeah! fire don catch me oh!

I signed into google reader and saw that Vera had put up a new post.It was a sunday morning and I was set for church but just decided to glance at my various accounts online *yahoo,google,facebook,...* but as it was a verastic post,I decided to just do a quickie since I couldn't really tell when next I would be online and just like a delicious scenting meal,you can't help yourself,you just gotta have some.

I began to read about how she wished the whole of blogsville a merry christmas and in general it was a post rhyming with the season.I was about to close the window and save the post for later when my eyes caught the words Nigeria and terrorist.I thought it was a joke so I went on to read.It actually was a joke *or so I thought* about some Nigerian suicide bomber *don't fit,right?*

She said the guy had been trained in Yemen to mmake explosives and ish and that he had boarded the plane from Nigeria to Detroit and I think he had attempted to blow up the plane somewhere around Amsterdam but then he had been caught and stuff.

My first impression was that it was just another "story" to get nigeria once again in the highlight,cos people can't just get enough of Nigeria in international news and what better news to hear than some about how we're a corrupt nation and stuff.But Terrorism???!!!! now that just don't fit.

She went on to say that Nigerian and Terror don't go along like the only time you find those two word in a sentence is when you talk about how it's nearly impossible for Nigerians to be terrorist so I guess the dude(Omar Farouk Abdul Mudallab) was just trying to prove he could be the new ""Obama bin laden" for the west" if you get my drift?

Like seriously,Nigerians do all sort of stuff for money,but they want to have money and stuff and live to enjoy it.Like Nigerians could kill someone else for money but not themselves.I doubt that money was the reason for this dude's action I seriously do *see me talking about general knowledge like it's my personal intuition*

I'm trying to make a point here about how Nigerians and terrorism just don't go along,I don't think I'm making a good job of it like my boy Scribbles would but not to worry I have a feeling he'll not delay to do so soonest.

One more way we could look at this is if this guy has been brainwashed by some juju ish,like yeah! Y'all can't deny not knowing about all them old ladies that live behind your family compound in the village that tend to be "doing" your ass,sometimes for no absolute reason or maybe because you father's father happened to have sent her mother to the stream to fetch water for him to clean his cutlass and then she takes it upon herself to revenge her mother all because of the childhood tale her mothe recalled during the burial of your father's father and all this while you're totally ignorant of your family's "great trespass" *I hope y'all get this,you ought to be a regular nigerian to understand this*

Anyways,the guy must have some familiar evil spirits running after his ass that cuased him to fall the hand of his family

"bloody maga"

I get to the end of this post and want to say that I think we're having an e-fight,I and
Ms' Dufa
She don't be commenting on my blog like it was in the begining.I guess this is the way all realtionships turn sour.It hurts to think it couldn't be different with her.

"She's just like the rest"


"This is a challenge Dufa,prove you're different and let's be the new 2010 "Bonnie and Clyde" lol" just holla babe,haven't seen you here in a bit

jeudi 24 décembre 2009

Like you'll never leave me

I remember sometime a long while ago.I woke up that morning and put on the television.It was about 5 o'clock and I was lucky to not be able to sleep normally,I say lucky cos on a "normal" day I would happily sleep till 10 o clock mininmum if my mama didn't decide that a bowl of cold water to my head would do me some "secret" good * I tried for a while to figure out what good is and I don't think I've quite figured out till this day.

Back to me being lucky,I was able to watch the television without being bullied to change the station to one that satisfied general interest *I lived in a family of 1O kids*

As I changed the stations,searching for one that had begun broadcast,this was at a time when 24 hour tlevision was unheard of unless your papa fit buy cable *this includes satellite tv,cable tv and all the rest* I stumbled on finally got to the only station that had begun broadcast and there was some music programme going on and there was this song with some funnily and scantily dressed woman saying something in the lines of "horny honey,I'm horny horny honey tonight" and she kept trying to curly up and looked really depressed.I didn't get the song.

Today I do,he left after he said he stared at me and just walked out and he never even turned back to look at me or did he?

It's been three months and I really do miss him,a part parts of my body yearns for him.


I had just gotten admission into secondary school and I had gone over to his place to let him know about it.

His name was Dany and so was mine and they said we were namesakes so that meant we had to be more considerate for each other more that all of our other friends.

I met him coming out of his room and he turned back and signaled to me to come in.As I walked in he pulled my hand from where he was hid behind the door and everything happened so fast that before I new what was happening he had said "let me show you something" and had begun showing me how his lips could touch mine.

The way he did it was so innocent,he just had his lips touching mine slightly and he was moving his head in a sinusodial pattern,he was so funny I burts out laughing

"What's funny? ",he said,

"You need to see yourself",I replied "what were you trying to do?"

"I saw Mr Bode and a woman doing the same thing and it seemed they were having fun so I decided to try"

"Maybe you're not doing it well",I suggested "Let's try again"

Thus began our "relationship" that would have us being special friends till the day I met Tunde.

I had never been close to anyother person than Dany,everyother person I knew was either scared of me or was family.But Tunde wasn't scared at all,I think he even made me scared sometimes.We had this converstaion one day;

"How do you know that guy?",he asked,

"You mean Dany?",I said,

"His name is Dany???...ok"

"Why you talking that way?"

"Nothing,just wondering"

"Wondering what?" I asked anxiously

"But he's so ugly,what are you doing with someone like that?" he blurted

For a moment I was shocked and then I took a closer look at my retreating name-sake
and just then he turned and I saw for the first time that my "friend" wasn't exactly the prettiest of boys.From that day on,I began to see Dany lesser and lesser.Those times when he would try to hug me,or even touch me,I began to look for ways to evade those advances and from then on we stopped having those special "touching bodies moments".

I don't know what came over me,maybe the fact that Tunde was a really foiine boy or maybe the fact that he was wy more stylish than my Dany,me ex-Dany.I just can't say or maybe it was because I caught more boys staring at me than before ever since I became friends with Tunde,I just don't know

One day Dany came up to me and he said with his silly smile on his face,

"How's your boyfriend,Tunde?"

I snapped at him "Did you think I would be your girlfriend you ugly duckling,I feel so disgusted that I ever let you touch me,you sick..."

I heard the door slam shut,I had been blinded by fury,I didn't hear him walk out,I didn't even see him go.I ran to the window and saw him turn back at that moment with the sadest look ever and that smile that always lit his face wasn't there anymore and he really did look ugly,ugly but then what is ugly anyways?

It's been three months now,and I'm curled up in the same way as that woman in that video I saw couple of years back and I think I know what she meant "horny honey,I'm horny horny honey tonight"

I need my Dany back,I need him back.

mardi 8 décembre 2009


A Posts that starts with me having like no idea where it's going to end or even the general idea.

The first thought coming to my mind now is the thought of change.I'm wondering what would it have been like if I had acted differently,if things had turned out differently.

She sat there looking at me and I could see that look in her eyes,I could tell,even if people told me otherwise,that she loved me.She would shout at me in public,she even threw her drink in my face that one time at the beach but I know that she still loves me.

That's why I have her in my place all tied and beaten up....Now who's laughing?

I told y'all that she would be mine some day but y'all thought I was lying.It's been 11 months,three days and 14 hours since she became mine.My possession to use whenever I wanted.

I held her hands now and she looked at me with that same look,definetely love was in the air.

I turned to descend the stairs when I felt some swift movement behind me,I turned to find out what it was but it was too late,I hadn't even made a 90° when the cylinder of the fire extinguisher impacted on my forehead.

Everything went green-now I know they lie when they say you see white or black and hear noises-I found myself before a Big man whose face I couldn't see because of the light and awesomeness that surrounded him.

His voice was the most gentle,I've ever heard.Soothing as a deep sleep.

I heard him say, "Take him away,his name is not here"

"Who was and where were they taking me to?", I asked myself

Just then I felt the heat and a piercing scream struck my eardrums.I knew I was going to like it where I was going to.


I woke up and knew at that point that I had to stop obsessing about Rekia,I definetely had to stop.

samedi 5 décembre 2009


Walking down the road,I started to realise how much my life had changed in just a couple of months.I now had way much money than I ever dreamed I could have.I wore clothes that I didn't need...Who the heck changes five times a day? and into specially matching outfits?

I look at myself in the mirror and I'm disgusted by what I see.time was when I used to derive joy to see my cute face,nicely muscled,fatless body and my hair had me wondering if it was really mine.I thought I was a sight to see.I thought I was beautiful.Today it's not the case..No,not anymore.

On the exterior,I'm looking faboulous,exactly like I always dreamed.But internally,I know better,I know it's just like a scotch-egg.A rotten egg inside and yummy,mouth-watering coat on the outside.You never know until you bite.

I have on 6 articles of clothing,I now live in a cold part of the world.I now kiss boys.....yes BOYS,just to get money.I do things that Mum will never approve of.She would say "that's not what good boys do!"

I had all it took to be a success btu I got carried away by the fancy things,the cars,the clothes,everthing looked!

But No!....Not anymore.I try to think,how I got so filthy in such a short time.i definetely don't like the person I am's not who I wanna be.I look at my life and I wonder if I'm in a movie or something.

I'd read books and see movies with men that do real awful things and I'd wonder how they changed from being innocent,cute,young kids that they once were to being diabolic humans,Now I think I have an idea...they didn't plan it.

The story of my new "job" started with clara,I think of her still.....

hehehe How y'all doing? holla at all my pips
Got mad love for y'all
sorry I'm having these sick Ideas these day but it's the most I can do with what I have right now