lundi 14 septembre 2009


Going through my email I see all these nice comments on my blog and they're all from ms dufa,like I think she's commented on every single one of my posts,well if not all of them but I know she's read all of them.It makes me wonder seeing these comments;

Am I actually a good writer?

Can I actually get people hooked to my stuff?

But then she's like the only one constantly doing that,First there was vera,then Afrobabe even chari stopped one time to leave a comment saying he liked my blog hehe there's been Sir scribbles,Roc naija,Myne whiteman and a couple of others that I don't have in my head and yeah there are all the followers.I can't forget y'all,got mad love for y'all.

But the point remains that she's become my no.1 favorite *why do you think I'm writing a post about her?*

To think that someone who has like thios crazily organised imagination;she tells stories with details,those kinda details that help you picture a more graphic scene nto like the scanty stories I tell.I really wonder how she does it to comment each time.I find commenting on blogs tiring and I don't feel obligated to do it and stuff,first because no one's coming to comment on mine,like the people who I comment on their blogs are like those established bloggers that have like 100 comments per post on the first day,so where would they find the time and energy and ish to come comment on mine.

No offence or anything,but it's just the thoughts going through my head,I guess there are some people like me who just read and don't comment so I know how it gets.
For everyone that has ever commented on my blog and made me feel special.I'm forever *well not literally* in debt to you.Lady koko the rest I gat mad love for y'all.

If you see me walking down the strett in my normal geeky way just walk on by,don't even bothere to look cos that's what you'll do but if for once you decide to do otherwise just for once..DON'T

I'm not cool enough to be yor friend,even if you're a girl that's liking me... DON'T cos you'd be stepping away from the norms wouldn't you? like teh odd one from the stereotype

I'm rambling mega rubbish now so I gotta leave.I could say that this was post I guess.

Much love to you babe.have a nice time running two cool blogs.cheers

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  1. LOL! Let it be known that G-FUNC is in love with Ms. Dufa, this must be included in the next Blog(s)ville gist press release oh!

  2. hehehe, G-Func I see what ur doing. If she's commented on all ur stuff, she's definitely a potential. Ur a very bad sharp guy. I like this method. She must be blown to bits by this.

  3. @Scribbles:where you come out from?
    after all these years of abandoning me an because I write a post of another person,which should have been you,but you just leave me like that because you become blogville superstar eh?

    no worry GOD dey

    @Sugarking:me gat love for you too
    and about that liking thing,it's kinda very risky oh! me no even know how she be physically lol

    but I'm so in love with her mind like someone *or some people* I know are in love with mine

    Thanks guys for commenting,cheers!!!

  4. i shall have to tell her that you wrote some'n some'n for her...LOL

  5. yeah please do
    I'm kinda worried I sacred her off already
    she's normally commented already
    the day I go out of my way to dedicate ish to her
    she has to go have a baby or something lol

    holla bro! "som'n som'n" lmao,you crack me up

  6. Awww!!! I'm just seeing this!!! LOL...My head is in d clouds!!!

  7. No need to thank me
    I'm just saying what I feel
    even if you don't appreciate it or watever
    there's like really no reason for you to

    anyways I feel honored that you like it


  8. I find it hard to comment on ur page when im using my laptop, im doing it in the school computer room now. also I cant update my blog list from anywhere so that's why ive stopped commenting on quite a few blogs :( cos i dont knw what is going on and I actually have to go to the site and check.
    Based on analytical powers gotten from a certain highly intelligent mind, from the facts proferred i deduce tht u and ms dufa have soemthing going on in blogworld lol.

  9. No probs about that,too bad though I guess I might have been writing this post about ya
    cos on the commenting angle you sef been dey try oh,all of a sudden you stopped,I was thinking maybe it was cos you had so many blogs to comment on or you had started using reader like me and hence had so many blogs that you just can't keep up and....*this is just me making excuses for ya,I like to look on the brighter side*

    This your deduction na wa oh
    any how just let me see the results of the analysis and I'll jet an eye and tell you if I make the same "dedudtions" that concur with yours