mercredi 6 juillet 2011


... Well, If I had one . I would not bother to cram all the elements on the periodic table because with blackberry phones just like the iphone, there is an application for everything. I wouldn't need to be as smart hardworking as I am now. Whole nights of cramming stuff up...Running all the way to the lecture theatre just to tell Bimbo that I was in room 209 and not room 989 like she thought.

I would walk differently because having a blackberry phone changes your genes and entire being so that you all of a sudden become a member of a higher class of humans " the BBeings " as opposed to just being a regular human.

I would have been able to keep in touch with the white lady that came over to our vilage with Chike the son of Nwafor. She stayed with us for 4 nkwo market days, during that time I had gotten to know her and discovered that not only does she pick her nose but that she doesn't go to the toilet only to powder her nose.

Chike was the first to leave our village. After primary school, his teacher has said the he was a promising lad and that He would take him over to Lagos where he would attend secondary school. All in exchange for little service such as cleaning the house everyday, learning to make world-class meals, making those meals three times or more a day, doing the dishes afterwards, taking care of two toddlers and one adolescent, doing the laundry of the whole family,and some other "little" miscellaneous tasks. Chike was still expected to go to school and have time to take care of his business - appear at school looking smart everyday while he only had one uniform pair, take care of assignments, study for tests, ...

Back in the village, the general idea was that Cike was living the life. No more farm runs for him, it was all enjoyment now. He was in Lagos... But was that really what it was ?

Now how did Chike get to meet the white lady ? And why am I talking about Chike's life right now when I had initially started this write-up talking about my self and certain things that I do not possess ?