jeudi 10 septembre 2009

ME MUST POST!!!!!! 3 was back to square one but this time he was wiser and older.He started work in a computer sales outlet where he was able to make ends meet being that the computer industry was just gaining ground in Bali.People quickly took a liking to him cos to them he knew so much about computers that they knew pratically nothing about.

One day he was in the shop alone when a young lady of about his age came in.She smiled immediatel she saw him,

"You're just the person I want to see",she said.

"ME?",he replied puzzled

"yes YOU,I was here a couple of weeks before with a friend to buy a harddrive for her pc"

"Ok,how may I help you Madam"

he thought he sounded funny acting all formal and all and saying madam ish,a couple of years before and he would have tried to get her phone number instead

"From my deductions it seems you're know pretty much a lot about computers,I'm having a problem with my processor I think it's damaged and my system no longer runs as fast as it used to.I would have tried to change it but i was wondering if you could come look at it first and tell me wat you think"

"It's likey your system is infected by a ...."

"VIRUS?" she interupted him, "I already checked that with an antivirus created by a friend of mine with all the latest updates but it found nothing,I even went through the system's directories manually but I found no discrep...."

she continued to talk but at this point Bobo Yin had lost hearing,he saw her mouth moving but heard nothing all he saw was teh face of an angel talking processor speeds,video support capacity,memory size....

Once again Bobo Yin had beeen struck by cupid's arrow.he went to her place and tehy finaly decided to change the whole system as Swashi *that was her name* kept on countering his every sugestion sayin why it wasn't sufficient and stuff.

She asked him to accompany her to geta brand new one,he told her he had to work she said that she would request for his services from his boss and pay for the time he would spend with her if need be.

the went to get the system and after a whole lot of arguing about which was the best and wishing if it wasn't too expensive and even when it was she would just linger in front of a to-kill-for system and lust for it.At the end of teh day they left without her choosing one,she said she would wait to get more money before she got one.

They made six trips before she atcually got one,but when he saw it,he acknowledged that it was actuall worth it.At time when people used Pentium 3 and were feeling like Obama in BAli,she got her hand on a Pentium core duo 2 system with 200gb hard drive memory,3.5GB RAM,processor speed......

They got married in Two months,Bobo Yin said he would kill himself if he didn't marry her *bloody liar* time went on and they didn't have any kids but they were happy cos they had six more powerful computers and they also ahd a computer business running where Bobo Yin sold customised computer systems and they lived happily ever after till one day God smiled on them when Bobo Yin was 60 years old and Shiska 50.they gave birth to a son and they lived happierly ever after

I hop y'all enjoyed this horrible end I'mm sorry I couldn't do better but that's just the way gfunc is hehe

much love to my pips ms dufa and myne whiteman and sugarking

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  1. Much love to me? *blushing*The pleasure is all mine. I enjoyed the story, it was a fun read.

    LOL@ "They didn't have any kids but they were happy cos they had six more powerful computers"

    In the end they had a miracle Yin. I'm crushing for Bobo Yin...Is he still alive?

  2. hehe me no know oh!
    na so the story go
    it's a legend
    some say when it's late
    and there's a full moon
    if you go close to the mountains
    you hear him and shiska arguing about the mac and the PC

    cheers babe