lundi 24 août 2009

Me MUST POST !!!!!

ok today was kinda aight like I went out to some interview thingy for a school and I found myself feeling like don jazzy.Let me break it down,I had to do some logic reasoning ish and then answer questions in a language I wasn't supposed to understand but hehe I did and very well at that.I also was tested for how much computer knowledge I got and ish.It was kinda cool.

I then went off to celebrate or more like to cool off cos I ain't gat the verdict of the interview yet that's supposed to be out like two days from now.please pray for me

Some lovely darling bloggers asked me to update more and ish cos "they like my mind" hehe Props to Chari and Ms Dufa et al
me don be bros for this blogville oh

so here goes my attempt to actually put up a post.

It was a cold night in Arispanku,Bobo Yin had taked out the last of his stock he was a computer sales man in the North of Aris where they mak them LCD screens and stuff.As he carried the last box into the store he tripped and fell.The box fell on his feet and hurt him,he scrowled.

He got the box into the store,closed up for the day and proceeded to examine his feet it wasn't really bad but he knew that once home with Swashi,she would take care of that.And as every other time he came home with a cut she took care of him in ways that would soothe any man hehehehehe

That was really the only way he could unwind nowadays.To recall how his life had turned dramatically after he had gambled with his schooling.Going to parties,flirting with girls and trying to run a call centre business at the same time.He knew he was on a certain path for failure but the change he was getting from his "business" kinda got to his head and he just lost it and didn't even care about classes any more all he did was seek new girls and mock those going to class to read.

He sharply dropped in grades like from 100 to 21 hehe.There was no way that he could make up because he had missed a lot,so while trying to catch up his mates were going farther ahead.To cut the story short he failed and Papa Yin had refused to continue to pay his fees and besides there really wasn't anyway he was getting back to his former school.With that Bobo Yin set foot in Alaba international market where he began active life as a tout.

From the posh life he used to live in school in Bali,he had to migrate to Nigeria in west africa in a bid to seek greener pasture.He had heard that this Alaba boys made crzy money and all you had to know was to talk watever bull... comes to your head to try and get customers over to buy stuff from you even if sometimes what you said did just the opposite but surprisingly some people just bought from you so you stop disturbing them.

He retired home each day to a little room in a sub rural area of Lagos,Nigeria.His room was in a hostel like accomodation.It had a corridor that went on like for ever and rooms like facing each other along the way.Toiletting facilities were not 5 star.The supposedly kitchen was at the back of the house and was shared by about 23 1/2 people and it wasn't very funny.having been nred not to eat out of home........

this is triesome y'all read I'll try to complete it later my hands are killing me right now

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  1. Awww....why did u have to stop so abruptly..Come back A.S.A.P

  2. I will do that
    I hope today
    I've been kinda busy these couple of days
    cheers y'all