mercredi 1 juillet 2009


I must post today whether the devil likes it or not!!!! *don't mind me I was raised in MFM*

Today,walking on the streets of where I live,I saw a man on some rope thingy,hanging on to a building where he was doing some work and stuff.*this man no know where e dey oh?!! how e go dey tempt all this winches wey dey this area,sey e think sey e still dey yankee or wherever e come from?*

I walked about a 150 metres away where I saw Paulo walking towards me,Paulo was my guy that i hadn't seen in like two weeks,we were supposed to go woman hunting about two weekends ago but the mumu boy went AWOL on me.........I needed to tell him some words that would hurt....

"Idiot!!! how you go leave me hanging like that?",I began,"Na so we plan am?"

"Buuuttt....",He started

"No just but me oh! no just but me!!,If you know sey your brain no soak water you better had some pretty good explanation for me"

All off a sudden I heard a sound behing me kinda like if someone threw a coconut from a great height *that's the only description I could give the sound cos we used to have two coconut trees at our place and I had experimented stuffs*.I didn't think much of the sound cos .....What was there to think about a burst coconut.

I looked back at Paulo,to restart my quarrel over the betrayal of a brother in skirt exploration.He had this bewildered look on his face that made me think *damn!! this guy na fish just these few words wey I give am e don paralyse*,then I saw blood on his face,I kinda softened,

"Oh boy! na me do you like this.? I bad oh",I said

He just stood there still looking at something behind me.I turned with a smile which didn't make it the whole 180°.The stunt man had just had his last performance,The building hanging guy had fallen down from a height of about 460 feet.Apparently his safety lock had given way.I stood there for the next 5 minutes looking worse than Paulo.

The same guy who had been feeling like don jazzy on the ropes only a couple of minute before had just left the world without even saying a proper goodbye,who knows for how long he hadn't even had sex,yet he was gone without a warning.

I saw some building climber today and those were the thoughts that came to my mind.i swear that I just thought "what if this guy were to fall now?"

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  1. wa sad.

  2. I hope you don't believe it's true though

  3. So it isn't true???????????????????????????