lundi 27 juillet 2009


Side by side holding hands on an empty........well almost empty school sports arena
It was my third personal love story.Young and slim.Intelligent and beutiful enough*explosive combo init* I had made her acquantaince with some cheezy line about Man U hehe.till this day I love that club.

The day we met I had somehow failed to get her phone number.I certainly didn't know what came over me that day but i did crazy things in a bid to get her attention.i played a certain football linked game,took care of kids,spent more than i was meant to.......... and at the end failed to get her number.

Luckily I was with friends who were with her friends and One of em got a number of one of her friends and bingo!hehe I gave my number to that friend and asked her to give it to my dame and ask her to call me.All this was to see if she was interested or something because I've been a sucker who asked girls,who didn't give a shit about me,for their numbers and kinda got screwed at the end.

The day she called I was with my boys in the room,trying to cook up some gfunc special noodles bien peppered hehe,I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.Checked to see her number,I silently left my boys to a secluded area and was like

Pretending to react to hearing a girls voice
-"oookaayy who's this?"
-It's third!"
Acting surprised
"hey third how are ya? I guess friend gave you my number,coool!!"
"yes,she did and I'm fine"
trying to act busy and stuff
"You know wat,Can I call you tonight cos I kinda am busy right now?"
I can't let my beans burn because of woman na wetin i go come chop?

I called her that night and got to know her better.I got details that would serve my purpose and at the end of the conversation I made a pleasant discovery that she would be present in my area everyday or so cos she was a "church" girl hehe.We fixed a date for the next day.

Next day came and she wasn't hungry so that cancelled MR biggs or any substitute.She decided we go strrolling in the woods.WOOOODS KE!!!!!!!! which day me and you turn oyinbo??? You no know how many snake and cockroach dey that bush wey you dey call wood kpsheeeeeeeeeeewwww!!!!. She told me if I wasn't interested that she would be on her way and then I was like "Baby!*insert igbo accent* you shouldn't take me seriously whether na wood or na fire wood or na bush or forest you want I will go with you.

We went to a school's make-do Stadium wher we sat down and contrary to my earlier thoughts I kinda enjoyed the stadium thingy and I got to hold her hands for the first time and she brough biscuits and "Caprisonne(TM)".Compared to the amount of money I spend playing games to win her a prize,this was nothing but at least a "good" start in a positive direction.

Time went past,we had regular meetings and i sometimes touched her hands and sometimes I didn't.One day we met in the "woods" and she began talking;

-"What do you think of me or what am I to you?"
-"well you're third now?"
-"well,I know that you're in love with me so you had better admit it"
*cheiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! na me this small girl dey talk to like this? who tell her say me dey love? hehe*
-"I won't deny it since you said it already"
-"Well,I want to tell you I have a boyfriend"
In my head there was this gen gen sound
-"you're joking!"
-"seriously,He's in lagos and he travelled for a while that's why I've been having time to hang out with you,but he's coming back today,so I have to tell you incase you don't see me any longer"

At this point I stood up and said,"I wish you the best then,bye"
I began to walk away,then she held my hand*DAMN! that fely good!*
then she said,
-"the thing is I've started to like you and I don't know wat to think"

My thoughts that had moved from my brain to somewhere else now came back to my head to cause it to swell hehe *you go fear fine boy na*

I held her hand,moved my touch from her fingers to her shoulders then by projective motion,my hand moved to her jaw and this was it!!!! I was going to moved my head hehe

I moved slowly and she closed her eyes and I thought *this is it "YES I CAN KISS A GIRL!*My lips just touched hers when she opened her eyes and moved her head.

-"What are you doing?????????"

Embarrassed,I let go and just stared at her speechless.Once again and this time in reality I had been denied the pleasure of knowing why there's so much hype about kissing.


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  1. lol...somebody kiss G fast now,,lol.
    i like ur writing..ur funny in a subtle kinda way.

  2. LOL!!! Dude u get some weird pple around u sha, the girl name na third, ur friends name is friend

    The girl is just wicked, so she get bobo nd she's playing hanky panky wiv you, then she starts to form mugu wen u want to snog her...wicked pple...nd oga u don already fall in love wiv d babe...what category do u fall into please? Traditional lover or oblivious sucker...

    Guy i was scared this wud be one of those ur stories wey u no dey finish lol. Nice one o

  3. @leggy:hehe you want somebody to kiss me
    I wouldn't mind if it were you oh!
    I wouldn't mind at all
    after all you think I'm funny and by my standards i'm not wowo hehe my profile thingy says so
    So wat's the point in waiting any more hehehe!

    @Scribby bobo:You think those are weird names just wait until you see my next post there are people called pollution,ozone,climate,....

    What do you call the dudes who are sucker for girl and at the end of the day don't get the girl cos she fell in lust with some "bad" dude who would eventually show her how bad he was hehe?

    So you think this story is finished,well like naija movies,WATCH OUT FOR PART 2 hehe!

  4. I think you're really hilarious! Lol@Caprisonne and biscuit. You haven't been kissed? Really??? That's interesting!