vendredi 10 juillet 2009

MY FIRST ..........

I forgive,I forgive so much that sometimes I think I am a child,well not really a child but a a semi-adult who is a child at heart and knows what superposition means in two subjects.I do not bear grudges for as long as i'd like to no matter how hard I try but sometimes i just dislike a person for no absolute reason or maybe i saw him/her do something and I decided to give it my own interpretation and from then on dislike the person.

I'm in one of those moods,you know the kind of moods where you experience a spark that occurs as a result of pluto crossing neptune and along the way brushing the edges of it's ring* is it pluto that has a ring?....I wonder* along the side of the planet as a result emmiting a sound wave that moves all the way to the earth and gets to strike the head of someone,which at that particular moment was vibrating at the exact same frequency as the sound wave.Thus this sets the head into resonance and makes men do the impossible like jump from airplanes,invent skate boards,roller skates and perform incredible stunts with them,and even do suicide bombing experiments to see how many people a suicide bomber sends to heaven/hell on an average.

She asked me if I'd be coming over to her place that night,I said yes.I had to cos i had lessons,piano lessons over there with her guy friend who had introduced us.who had told me that she said she'd like to get to know me.I had never felt so confused in all my life.

The first time I saw her I said to myself once again that i was going to marry this girl,and at the time there was also another girl at school who I also told myself that i was going to marry too,talk about lust.I had always thought about her and what it would be like to hold her hand or to feel her leg rub against mine.I once had the opportunity to be in the same bus with her and though I could barely afford it i paid her fare that day.All she said was thank you and that was all,I alighted the bus,she didn't even spare me a glance.I told self "you have officially been chopped and screwed"

Time went on,I lost my fierce desire to marry her.She had changed with time.Her breasts became large and she walked in a unnatural way *a walk that was obviously practiced and forced because it didn't go with her* I lost my small*almost negligible* breasted innocent girl and in her place there stood a woman with large mammary glands with a weird walk.The fact that rumours went round town that her sister were flirting with boys in the area didn't help matters.The stigma kinda smeared on her too.I'm not one to judge people but when I don't have first hand information to be sure I'm always cautious.So I just didn't like her as much as before.

I took up piano lessons with a mutual friend after my secondary school final while waiting for university admission.Funnily he suggested that we have the lessons in their house because he sang with the sisters and so that way he could kill two birds with a stone.I readily agreed becuse I'm one who enjoys learning in a place where there are girls,it make it interesting.

Two lessons after I began,My "lecturer" was escorting me to the gate of my street when he told me that there's someone who would like to get to know me better.I asked "who?"
He asked me to guess,but I couldn't so he told me it was her and there I froze.To think that a girl I had always secretly admired all these years could like me was totally incredible.I thought he was pulling my legs because this was a girl who didn't stick around anytime I was in their house.She would just find some excuse to leave the sitting room.

Time went on and I didn't hear anything from her or from "teacher chike".One day he asked me if I had spoken to her.i said "No" he asked "why" I said "because i thought you were joking".He told me that she wanted to talk to me.I said there was no problem "why not".I went over to meet her and said "hi" she said "hi" and then there was nothing else to say.we just stayed there with me feeling weird and all.Teacher then came to say he was going and I used this as a means of escape.I said I had to go too.

The next day she called I guess she had gotten my number from my "lecturer" she asked if I was coming over to her place? I said I would.i went over and as soon as I saw her held her hand.Reason: I don't know.The sensation was mind blowing.Her skin was soft,so soft it felt like a baby's.I led her to a broked down vehicule that was in their compound and weirdness 101 recommenced.We stayed this way for about 25 mins only this time I held her hand.At this time let's just say a part of my body decided it was charged enough to disobey gravity.Initially we stood side by side leaned againgst the car.Suddenly she turned and rested on me in hugging position.My first reaction was to try to lean back but I couldn't i was already on againgt the car.She didn't seem to mind that something was "pricking" her along the pelvic region.She looked into my eyes for the first time and there i saw what I can describe as sheer desire.

No girl had ever looked at me that way.It's a look kinda hard to describe but I didn't react and so she moved her neck slightly and I saw her lips kinda part.I had seen this in some movies and I was sure this was supposed to be the sign for "hey dude kiss me already" I was kinda scred but I moved forward and she move forward as well and then I knew that this was it that i would finally have my first kiss at the age of 16.

All of a sudden I felt someone tap me.i turned to find myself looking into the face of my roommate at school.He just hissed and said,"wetin you dey dream sef,you had better get ready in like 15 mins or you're so going to be late for Osung's class"

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  1. BUHAHAHHAHH!!!!!!!!! "I TOLD SELF...YOU'VE OFFICIALLY BEEN CHOPPED AND SCREWED" ..BUHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! looooooool!!!!!!!!!!! hilarious i tell ya!

  2. this you histerical laugh eh
    you don't know how much it's worth

  3. LMAO!!!!
    I thought it was real now ahn ahn!
    How yu gon do a babe like that?

  4. Great post! You are quite a storyteller.

  5. lol. ha hahahahehehahaheheeh. And then you woke up!

  6. dude u like to tell story oh! nice one sha

  7. @Ladu X:me nor do anything oh
    I deey jeje naim she come meet me na see me see trouble lol

    @all:story good oh
    it makes you able to express your self and still give a loophole to escape when there might be strong criticism.

    who knows? It just might be true

    @Oga scribbles:welcome back,you don too dey relax sotey you don enter 5th position for class you used to be a brilliant boy.
    buckle up and get to getting first again dude
    welcome back

  8. omg...mehnnn...i loved ds..i laughed..gosh thanks for ds abeg..u sure cheered me up.

  9. he he he
    to think that madam leggy can say that about my ramblings *head swelling*
    thanks my legginess
    thank you plenty

  10. lolololol! that was well funny! thought it was real for a sec...

  11. Lol..Look at how you had me fooled...