mercredi 8 juillet 2009


I'm here sitting as a ressult of the intuition I had to blog about some stuff.I thought of writing something about Leggy,WHY?........I have no idea.maybe cos she or he,as the case maybe,was the only commenter on my last post.

I have been forsaken by my once mislead follower *people who waste thier time reading my ramblings lol* I now stand at the cross road,CONFUSED,DEPRESSED and AGONISED.I might be contemplating suicide.By suicide I hope y'all is not thinking i mean it literally.But I mean G-func,terminate it's *can't really say if it's a she or he* existence.

I was wondering yesterday,why I suck with girls or relationships as a whole.I usually get to that point with these people where I don't just feel them anymore,at least not like I used to at the beginning.I wondered if i was ever going to get married and stuff.I definetely want to have kids,but does that mean I have to get married to do that? ......I'm thinking sick thoughts right here.

I once was in a bus with a little girl and I saw this girl messing up with her mother.She was about five years or so and I guess she's an only child and she was compelling her mum to buy her some wrist watch.the manner in which she did it,made me feel like she felt she had some right to have another wrist watch*she had one on alrready*she kinda spoke in a haughty tone that had me imagining things and here's what came out..............

In the subway where I am,there is a family,a female family;a mother and her three daughters gently seated,converssing in their native language and were apparently having fun and showed themselves to be a family where there is love.They are just leaving a white lady with whom I think they had had a reunion or something and did i mention that they were black,well they were four black beautiful females that they were.They were all smile and stuff and discussed among themselves like they were friends and stuff.that's not something you get much aaround here but that was the case with them.

On the other hand,there was this little girl goin around making noise with the ticket validating machines.Once a ticket has been validated,you cannot validate it again until 5-10 minutes later,but if you do,the machine makes an alerting noise to let you know,a noise which could be pretty irritating especially if heard continously.The girl went aroun using the "used tickets" to make such a raucous.

Her mother beckoned,she paid no heed *at this point imagne a meteorite crashing onto the train and crushing this girl,evil init?*. Her mother beckoned againg but "cinderella" wouldn't be bothered.When she had had her fill of noise making "fun",she returnet to sit by her mother and wouldn't return the ticket.her mum who by now was steaming as in bursting at the seams with anger,just exploded.The funny thing is that it was a mild but dangerous explosion,I wonder how but i think she employed the services of one of them scribbles gadgets.As a properly bred african woman,she dished out a series of uninvented karate moves on this small "madam",so rapid that the little brat didn't even know what hit her but she felt pain all of a sudden in different regions of her body.

The previously reluctant individual silently gave the ticket to her mother,thought of it a little and commenced a 10-minute crying session with no one to console her.Every one in the train was confused,all wondering what the heck had happened,talk about karma.The girl stopped crying after a whilesince she found no sympathisers.

Immediately she tried to take the bag of her mum from her.The latter being quicker,took it out of her reach.obviously someone hadn't learnt from the previous episode perhaps she thought it wasn't real.

She then decided that she wanted to touch her mothers breast.a whole ne world she wanted to explore *without alladin of course* she wanted to discover why her mum had some lovely lady mounds and in the process make an exposition to about 16 sex hungered men in that train.In other words she wanted to mess up her mum IN PUBLIC *talk about some NAS and KELIS shit*

The next thing I saw has since had me wondering if there actuallyu are super heroes amongst us.The train moved out of the tunnel and a bright light kinda enveloped the girl and her mother.In that instant,wasting no time,I thought I saw moves that would render Angelina Jolie,Jackie Chan and Jet Li all put together,amateurs.

But all that couldn't have been real or could it?

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  1. LOL! U sure sey no be my mumsy u see dude?

  2. Dude no vex abeg...I have been a very bad follower I agree...iunfact to all my followers sef..I repent lol. But that pikin sef get 4 mumsy is more professional least u saw what happened to the more is on some tai chi shit I swear...u no 4 ssee nothin

  3. That was funny about the girl and her mum...if it was my mum sha, ehn...I for dey hospital now.
    In regards to you & relationships, I don't know you, but I get the feeling that you date like a girl. That is, you attach feelings to things very fast, and then get offfended when the other person is not on the same page as you. Maybe if you were more perceptive, took things slowly and not place immense pressure on your self, it'ld be different. My 2 cents.

  4. @scribbles:Oh boy I see you are on fire oh
    now this is the scribbles I used to know oh
    no be this yeye one wey dey interview 50 girls before e find one boy to balance things lol
    your mumsy worse pass that woman????? cheiiiiiii
    now I see why you get big head like this to dey think of yeye story.Really it show that as a kid you must have had a had time trying to evade your mum to go play or something.When i was younger I just had to go play,when mama no dey house of course.A duration not more that 30 mins and then get back home to clean up alll evidence,but I guess you must have had to plan some prison break shit with your mum,like really complicated stuff and at that tender age.Why your head o go dey think all these things??
    I guess people laugh at your incredible stories cos the are incredible to people who aren't scribbles and to you it sucks cos you're really serious abi? lol

    @AJ:Oh boy i no know which one be date like a girl oh but you caught me on that one that I attach feelings to things easily and stuff.I notice when i don't these girls act like me around me but when I try to be Mr right,they tend to do shakara * fronting *

    thanks guys!!!

  5. hahahhahah!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHAT....I JUST READ YOUR COMMENT ABOVE....AND OF COURSE THIS POST.....i understand now what you meant in your profile description of yourself...YOU DO HAVE A VERYY DIFFERENT SENSE OF HUMOUR....THE TYPE THAT PAINTS PICTURES IN MINDS..AND YOU HAVE TO THINK FOR A SECOND TO GET WHAT YOU MEAN......i like it though....i had a one night stand with a guy like that...EXCEPT WE NEVER HAD SEX YOU SEE......I CALL IT A ONE NIGHT STAND BECAUSE OUR SOULS SEEMED TO CONNECT......