mercredi 29 juillet 2009


To think that beauty comes dressed in green and black would be so unacceptable but as a matter of fact "he" actually does wear "green and black" outfits.Yes "he" ,something so bold,so confident,so watever else can it be called? A "she" now or can't it?

I walked past her in her unattractive outfit and one other thing;She had a scarf on,a not very attractive scarf.I was surrounded by beautiful young girls everyday who wore those typical girly coulour in shades that make you wanna say curse word to you mama *not that I would think to try,na dat day I go pack my load comot her house na* Well these girls were out of secondary school and were just beginning to have freedom from school uniforms on a daily so I guess,they had collected money from all their uncles,brothers,fathers*in some cases more than one,it is possible init?* One way ticket to yaba or watever place it is they got to.They pratically went about emptying the shops of those traders.Some even were wicked enough to buy white outfits*white outfits,especially on babes,does to me what 18 years olds do to Berlusconi*

In such a position I had no regard for green and black outfits on a girl whose complexion was also kinda looking greenish blackish*hehe I didn't say that*

That day I had some papers to look through,and the man for whom i was kinda slaving asked her and a couple of others to come join me.To make things kinda clear,I was helping out in a preparatory centre where post graduate secondary students attend to get tutorials for JAMB.The fact that I helped out in stuff made me attend free because I was also writing JAMB too.

She came in with the man,let's call him Rkelly,*why? you ask,well,he kinda reminds me of rkelly if you get my drift*.He cracked some silly joke and she smiled.he said something else and she began to laugh,a reserved kinda laugh that just made me think of royalty,dunno why! It was at that point that I loooked at her face.The most remarkable feature was her jaw,it's one of those jaws that just makes you think of kissing hehe

It's shape is so touch-me-while-you're-kissing-her ish.At that point I stood up to act the gentleman funny man,not that I'm much of that but I said something super cheezy about a beutiful girl coming to help me out had to be treated with care and I had to discomfort myself for her because it must be discomforting for her to hang around not so cute people like me,and I offered her my seat.We started work and i didn't really talk to her much except to show off once or twice the one or two acts of smartness i had picke up during my years of existence on earth.

We finished work and I moved into my "toy boy" gear.We talked about stuff and somehow we got to talking about her being married with kids*I really don't remember how*.I disagreed that she didn't have a husband or kids either and I set out to prove some stupidly scientific related theory concerning certain constants that disallowed her to be susceptible to a condition of marriage and also there were also no resultant reactions of her body to certain processes it must have undergone or whatever.The thing is that,I said all these stuff feeling that I was making a large fool of myself but somehow she found it funny,and couldn't stop laughing.Could it have been the accents I was imitating or the fact that I relayed my unaccounted "facts" with a speed superior to 2 times my normal talking speed hehe

We got really acquainted and soon it was time for my "aubergine" *there are them greenish black species hehe* to leave.I offered to hold her coat while she put it on.Okay! she didn't have a coat ,but if she had one I would have done that for her.That's why sometimes I curse being in Nigeria.Anyways I saw her off to the busstop or taxi stop or war-bus stop because it was a kinda car transport which folllowed the principles of bus transportation.It doesn't really matter if y'all don't get what I mean because I barely do hehe.

We had to cross the road,I explained to her that being that there were no traffic lights,I had to do the gentlemanly thing and hold her hand while we crossed the road,being an "aje kpako" *not that I can say she wasn't one herself hehe*.I held her hand and she didn't object not even when after we had crossed the road I continued to hold her hand,not even when the first car-bus got filled up and left,not even when her mother passed by us*just kidding her mother didn't pass by*.But seriously I held her hand longer than was unnecessary*just to show how much*

I got her phone number and I got to touch her jaw.I told her I loved it that it made me think of something.I touched it againg and she asked what it made me think of.I didn't reply just looked into her eyes,those lovely maroon coloured eyes that reminded me of "sunday morning" *long thing joke*.
The amount of electricity that surrouded us at that moment was immense so immense that I cursed being in Nigeria again.

Oyinbo no even need half of all this "chemistry and physics combined" to have start touching bodies and there I was,denied of my first kiss once again all because I was at some busy,and traditionally nigerian bus stop in OKOKOMAIKO.

I once said I wished to go to the USA or just travel abroad so I can experience a lot of things which range from eating Macdonalds "food" *junk food hehe* to getting involved in violence and stuff like hero seeking revenge kinda violence.

I let go of her jaw physically but in my mind,hmmmmmm.... I dare not tell y'all what was going on in there.I watched her get into the car-bus forced some money into her handbag to pay for her fare,as a gentle man now!.She tried to return it but I was moved aside.sandwiched between two people she couldn't easily alight the vehicule.

I watched the car-bus move away,along with her,my first kiss,and of course my transport money.Damn! how I go take reach house now? E don red! I folded the ends of my trousers and started the long walk home......It really was long and to think I gained nothing for it but would the story end that way?who know!

DISCLAIMER:In the event where you have been mislead or perhaps do not understand the head or tail of these regular rambling of words please do not bother to think that you saw this on the "gfunc" blog.But if you made a little bit of sense out of it,well there's only one thing to say.............I LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!

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  3. I offered to hold her coat while she put it on.Okay! she didn't have a coat ,but if she had one I would have done that for her.That's why sometimes I curse being in Nigeria
    BUHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!..oh darling how you flipping totally crack me up!!!!!!! U HAVE GOT TO BE ONE OF THE RANDOMEST RAMBLERS I HAVE COME ACROSS ON BLOG! lol


  4. Lady KOKO na you I go marry
    to think I put this post on and you're the first confirmed reader 3 week after
    I don't know what to say but God bless you all those things that you're wishing for *including me hehe* will come to pass

  5. LOL. Giving her your transport money....So funnny!!!!
    I really enjoyed this read. Black and green...Doesnt work for me..

  6. It doesn't work for me either and I don't think it really did for her but there was a beauty elsewhere that overwhelmed all that hehe

    I dey see your handwork anyways like commenting on all my posts girl i feel loved

    Mwoooooaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *big slobby kiss gfunc style*

  7. che bello! I like the way your mind works dood...hehehehe...eeeyaa!! this is really sweet in a very whimsical kinda way....I like sha...and ofcourse I unnerstood cuz well the way you write is how I think...

  8. I thank you oh! I thank you very much
    you're the best as in the ..... lol
    You're the second person liking my mind so I'd like to say that he's single and very much available for many hehe


  9. lol dude ur somn else mahn!