samedi 23 mai 2009


Okay I just though I ought to note this,don't know why but I was reading it and found it makes sense at all is blogable,I need your opinion if it is or not,okay? It is kinda based on a convo a series of messages btw me and an old friend from secondary school (high school),I met him on facebook after years *GOD bless facebook* ok,here it is;

G-FUNC: na me G-FUNC from Ij * my high school * how your south african life? lol BRIGHTEX! holla back Bolo gave me the 411

BRIGHTEX: g-func on d block wats d p? longest time.Can’t 4get how we used 2 tease ur mighty eyebrows. I’m sure if u have not done anyting about them u will be performin in a circus. just messin u wit u as usual.dont know where dis rumour of me livin in south africa came from. i travel 4 summer dats all. maybe it was wen i went there (4 summer) dat they tot i live there (though i wish i was) ow is func-senior(hope d spellin is rit).lost contact wit everybody even femi black, small n all. saw rogers postin jargons about niger delta, wonder wen he got interested in tins like dat. hook me up wit wat u av been up 2. cheers

G-FUNC: lol! lmao!
Well not to say I'm surprised and stuff but you still got your head intact see as you remember everything reach my surname! yeah you got the spelling right.
My bro is in NDA now ! he's cool
Femi small is on facebook you could search him "femi ' small"
Femi black is nowhere to be found,he just disappeared
Don’t mind Roger he's still yarning cocks as before,what does he know about the niger delta.He ought to go live there to know what the whole thing is all about and stuff. Oh boy,It's real cool to hear from ya,
My eyelashes ;well I guess they stopped growing but remained as they were that was large enough,I guess, anyways I got pics on facebook,you could check em out I've not been so far from where I was when I left IJ I did a little bit of the israelite journey and I came back to where I started from. I ain't got much time to write now so I'll give you anymore gist I can think up by tomorrow or tonight hit me up with info on you man we could chat sometime

BRIGHTEX : nice one bruff, sorry abt ur stagnant eyebrows.
* this boy dey mad oh,e want make my brows turn forest,sorry my ass,instead of am to dey thank God for me *,i will check out dem pics. am not a fecebook fan * obviously * as such so i cant say i know how 2 use em well.nice 2 hear 4rm u again. i just finished 4rm babcock uni and studied accountin (irony...right) kinda waitin around 4 nysc. NDA... is dat not d defence academy. he didnt look d part at all i quess dey can toughen him up a bit, u know by drillin his brains out. are u still in satelite town? will like 2 know wat u mean by the israelite journey. so u are now G-FUNC... see once a G-FUNC, always a G-FUNC dont try 2 act all cool and shit. i believe dat is 4 dem chicks. dont forget 4 give me a load down of dem (chicks) and i hope 2 God u are still not a Virgin cos back i d day u had no prospects. if u are den just know i refuse 2 be ur friend from today. how is mama G-FUNC?...... cheers

G-FUNC : wats so ironical about that? *accounting* I guess your dad's an accountant and he doing big things or do you mean that as in you both doing the same stuff?
And yeah,I thought up the NDA stuff too but I kinda had some physical restraint that I thought weren't gonna make me so comfortable with the rigours of the academy.I guess all that pumping *some form of punishement thought up by hitler mentored teens older than us back in high school days* in IJ messed up my knee joints.
He doing real cool over there,matter fact,he kinda on top,if I may say so myself.I guess our teenage doesn't let people know what we're gonna stature and all.The guy eh,when im come house after the first year,im thin die and hair no dey grow for the centre of im head,but now all that's changed,still skinny but you don't mess with the nigga,like he be shooting guns and stuff and sometimes I guess he says in his head "how you like me now?" G-FUNC,came from a long story.

Like when I wanted to give someone a fake name,I always used Gfunc,gfunc was a name that readily came to mind * and stuff lol* okay? and "gfunc" came from a movie with a black tap dancer back in the days like when racism was still cool and shit.His fellow blacks didn't dig why he was so popular and they called him a "man tanned" cos they said he wasn't black just a man with tanned skin and they kinda killed him at the end.I don't like how he ended but I just like the name.

I ain't in sattelite town no more,you ought to know.I left while I was still in IJ moved to afromedia,close to okoko. The virginity angle.....Man don't you know that shit pays like in some years I could do a press release where I come out like a 30-year old NIGERIAN MAN WHO WENT TO IJ AND IS STILL A VIRGIN,now ain't that cool? I could make some real cash outta that.The girls angle well a whole lot of em that I kinda fancied touching their bodies didn't want to gree my own so I was like file!!! I don't need that shit " and stuff " just kidding lol! I've known a girl or two,don't know if it was the same "knowing" that happened in the Bible but ...........well I hope you get the idea.

Mama G-FUNC dey oh!!!! like she still hot and kicking,my dad no dey stay out late because of her like from 7 o clock when she comes back from work all the boys and men go dey wait around our compound dey try see whether them go fit touch her body * perverted idiots * The idea is flattering and stuff but MY MUM! COME ON THOSE GUYS ! so like every night my dad would bring out his gun and let loose a couple of bullets in the air but that didn't deter em.It wasn't until my brother came home and he combined with my dad * I guess my bro did most of the work but that's the story they told me and I'm sticking to it * well they did some military shit and all that booty hunting crew shifted base to some young girl that has been eyeing me for a while now,but my dad still comes home early he ain't taking chances.I guess mama's having a ball,always laughing at his ass,now he scared to loose her

lol man! just kidding,I just wanted to attempt to try to be funny

Babcock man! you must have strengthened in some area over there,like you're now a "baba cock" if you know wat I mean,lol I think I have to stop writing now. holla back man,cheers

P.S I always been a cool dude just didn't know how to arrange it

.................the end

Okay that’s the post y’all ain’t got time to arrange it and stuff so I hope that doesn’t make it more horrible than it already is,

Ciao guys!!

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  1. hey chayoma
    thanks for stopping by
    seen your blog with the nice template
    will get around to reading all em tales

  2. First,I loooooooooovvvvvve your background. it looks so natural and unique.
    2nd, thanks for following ma blog.......
    And then,that post is just something else.

  3. thanks for the love
    and by "something else" I know you mean that in a bad way
    sure thing
    I like the background too
    so that makes two of us,lol

  4. ok this is a crazy convo...I guess it had to be catching up after all those years. lol about the story of ur mum and all those toasting dudes lol.

  5. thanks Miss N!
    yeah I guess it's all those years causing it
    I'm waiting to see your post,though I haven't put up one for some days now