samedi 9 mai 2009


You know that feeling you get when you just watch something real inspiring or a movie or read a really nice book that was both interesting and thought you something or you read the blog of some crazily talented blogger .......... well...

I just saw a movie "WANTED" and funnily I was left with this feeling that I just wanted to experience jumping through a window,like feel glass breaking off me and stuff * wouldn't that be great * . There were two scenes in that where those awesome bullet-bending gentlemen party crashed windows.They sure spoilt the day of those windows. lol *okay that was dry* but I really want to experience that kinda stuff.

The point of this post stands at I want to write a story,a apontaneously though up story that I'm thinking off write now.In my wworld I've discovered that the most interesting performances are the spontaneous ones,that are done on the spur of the moment,so I want to be spontaneous.Well,here goes

" Their gazes crossed as he crossed the street,she had a funnily green looking wig on,he had always found black girls with bright colored wigs repulsive,but there was definetely something else about her that made him kinda relent a little bit.Before he could get in a dirty thought,an old ferrari turned the corner at the speed of an old ferrari,and sent her physically fit * and sexy * body flying like them olympic gymnasts across the street.Having never experienced such an incident before,He was stunned to his roots and didn't know how to react he just stood there and watched her eyes which were fixed on him on the exact same way that they had been when their gazes them movies,he watched as everything around him blurred.

He saw her stand up from the ground unhurt,without even a scar but there was still someone on the ground passed out,he saw it was still her.People had gathered around the body and there was an old man who was shaking his head.He saw she was staring at the people and the body on the ground and she was sad as well.At that moment he snapped,turned around and ran as fast as his legs could carry him.As he was about to turn the corner,he saw her running after him,and she was running so fast he seemed not to be moving at all.

She caught up with him and touched his shoulders,the urine he had left the office to excrete poured down his pants,in one steady flow,it was more like a ........

"Excuse me",she said, "Do you know where I can get a bus going to UNILAG,you look like a student or something because you are the youngest person I've seen for the past 30 mins.Someone told me to take a bus here from Ojuelegba and I am kinda lost,I know it's risky to talk to strangers but you look like a nice guy so could you direct me"

"What did you say?",He asked,scared as shit

"I said do you know where UNILAG is ?"

"YOU....WHAT!!! WHAT ARE YOU? You just freaking died!!"

"ME! You must be mistaken Sir,I just saw someone whoo had an accident,it hasn't even been confirmed if she's dead or not and you are thinking I'm the one!!",she sighed,"I don't know where you're from but ,the last time I checked death by car accident is not communicable"

She walked away from him with a bewildered look on her face,He noticed that she wasn't having on the green wig anymore and some pieces of her clothing were disappearing as she walked away from him.

As best as he could,he walked away and took the bus home to CARY STREET ,as soon as he got into his house,he just lost it,didn't know how to react; laugh,cry,scrath,roll,kneel,pray..........He had never been so confused in his life,He thought he had seen a ghost.Just at that moment,He heard a knock at the gate.Thinking it was his sister just back from school,she had this annoying habit of making people open the door for her and would always knock the door before trying her keys.Being that he needed to talk to someone,he composed himself as best as he could and opened the door to find himself staring into the face of miss green wig...............

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  1. ...Oya finish dis thing now now..wat do u mean sef? stopping story wen they r about to kpash!! lol..nice freestyle bruv

  2. lol lol, this is interesting and highly entertaining. I agree, good freestyle, you have intrigued me well enough.

  3. lol! this is real nice
    such comments coming from pros like yourselves
    I'm flattered
    @Sir scribbles:you seen my add on fb right
    @Miss natural:"intrigued" that word come won big pass me small oh,thanks!
    @AFro:my very own african babe,nothing do you,I seen your post,cool stuff

  4. Oh boy.. Me sef just dey halla when I watch 'Wanted'.. Makes you wonder who writes all that stuff..

    New template I see.. but what's up with the spanish?

    Your spontaneous post worked bro..

  5. lol @ spanish
    but frankly I have no idea wat you're talking bout

    the film tight abi?

    the spontanaiety is kinda cool