mercredi 20 mai 2009


Hey y'all!

How's your day been? Obviously I'm on some of that good stuff cos two posts in a week ain't my normal! Actually I got a break from active life till monday so I have to do some thing productive other than facebook ok!

Today I saw a movie " he's not that into you ". It was a pretty cool movie.I was supposed to go see some friends but I was unable to do so cos I am kinda unmotivated usually and stuff.

Obviously I'm talkng rubbish now,so I'll stop.

Summer for James was always a sad time.Complately braced teeth,acne infested face,skiny silhouette and just too smart for the average 13 year old.His qualifications for "geek" class was perfect.He easily fit in without hassles but.....

James had always been a regular spectator of MTV and all the entertainment stations.The smart came naturally.He didn't know why he could resolve up four figured multiplications without external aid-pen,paper or calculator-he just could.

That summer while on the beach all covered up he dared not expose his bones to the cool populace,cos that would officially strike him out from ever making the cool list....ever.Two girls walked past,he didn't pay much attention to them as he was engrossed in the novel he was reading,intent on finding out why Johnny chambers had killed Sarah Pickles and if Senôr Obama was actually the serial killer as Insp. Kelvin Poirot thought....

" .....Johnny came out through the backdoor of Obama's crib,blasting songs from his brand new Ipod touch,he didn't look like he gave a shit that news was going on around town that he was responsible for the Death of Sarah.After Sarah had died he didn't seem to care about anything anymore,she was his world but not any more now.The loud music was just an excuse,a diversion from suicidal thoughts that he had had.For two months he had shared a secret affair with her and throughout the time no one else had mattered to Johnny.He had stopped searching for trouble around town.Everyone had noticed the change but had thought it was only a little time before Johnny commited his next act of deliquency.

As Johnny rode out on Berla,his trusted steed.The best horse in the county.No one ever dared him to a race,because it was always as if you had Queen latifah racing against Usain Bolt.Mr Poirot came out from where he had been hiding and stared as .......... "

James noticed shadows over his book,he looked up and standing in front of him was Stephanie,the girl he always felt an arousal for whenever she had on a maroon cardigan on,he sought the scientific explanation behind this but he was yet to find it.He had come to discover that it had something to do with his brain.The hospital where he had been born had an odd maroon coloured uniform.Both staff and building were dressed in maroon.

"Hi",she said,
James turned around but he was the only one there,
"Are you talking to me?", he said,
"Of course silly,who else would I be talkkng to?"

He never believed that she could ever talk to him,he always thought she was like other pretty girls *did I mention Stephanie was pretty?well she is!* who only talked with cool boys who were not necessarily smart enough to calculate their age from their birth year.

"If you like you could come join me and my friends under the canopy,it is kinda hot here",she continued "okay,we'll be waiting"

Dumbstruck,he couldn't utter a word.As she walked towards the tent,one of her friends walked out and said something like she was really excited but when he read her lips *yeah James reads lips*he swore that she said "why did you have to do that?" and then Stephanie replied,"He's just an experiment"

If he was dubstruck before,now he was petriffied,he knew he had to get to the bottiom of this drama that was unfolding before him.Stephanie sure picked the wrong guy to mess that moment,she came out of the tent,she had taken off her shirt and had on a sleevess maroon vestHe saw his shorts move,a girl walking by turned and looked at him, and then he knew,this was going to be easier said than done,
"Why the heck does she like maroon so much?"he asked himself

She waved at him.

He waved back.

She smiled and her lips move "you won't even know what hit you Jimmy boy,you poor little boy"

"Yeah I know alright",he thought as he coverd his pelvic region with his novel.


I know this story is quite stupid,the arrangement,plot,setting are stuff are all wrong but y'all gotta bear with me cos I'm like that.
I just thought to write this for you all to read and stuff,cos incredible as it seems there are people who actually read my blog,lol
sorry for the errors

thanks y'all

props to Sir Scribbles,Penelope,Miss Natural,Yankee naija babe,Roc-naija,
I love y'all

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  1. Numero uno baby!!!! I am married to my dashboard!

  2. lmao! I feel so stupid right now...i didn't even check if there was something to read...i just hurry up comment sey i be first!

  3. lol! I just put it up now
    congrats on being first

  4. Hey oga! d names' "SIR" Scribbles...Mr is sooo deregatory lol
    lol@ calculate age 4rm birth year, stephanie must have been talking to logs of wood...nice one though, like d post

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  6. sorry for the error!
    I've changed it
    yeah,she must have been doing just that!

  7. UR ARE TWISTED.....but i wouldnt prefer it any other way1

  8. Nice story. didn't like d ending though