dimanche 17 mai 2009


Since I can remember,I've always had a crush on some girl in some establishment,school,or...... Oh well y'all get the idea...

The first was OMOLARA,the dark spoilt little angel that I was "in love" with in kindergaten,I don't think I ever spoke to her,at least not on a very friendly level but in my dreams.....let's not go there.I always thought that I would marry her when I grew up and made a lot of money and stuff,but sadly I left my first primary school and never saw her again until like four years and three crushes later.

In my new school,I first set my eyes on the cleanest girl with short hair and a fair complexion,on the second day in the school.There and then I knew that we were going to get married and give birth to four of the most adorable half cast kids * inter tribal does count * and IJEOMA would be a wife like Toni braxton who sings and does creative stuff for me "privately" but I would never cheat on her.Never cause her to cry like all them ladies in nigerian movies.Two years later in the same school,I commited my first act of infidelity,I started having thoughts of another girl,that I would just put her legs on mine in class cos for some unknown reason,I discovered that having a girls leg on yours felt good.One day,after a series of events,IJEOMA held my hand.I felt better than when I drank chilled coke on a sunny day.Till this day I forget not that first touch.After that day I always had silly excuses to touch her hand.After primary school,we parted ways and I haven't seen her since.

My first day at secondary school,I set my eyes on DAMILOLA and I knew for sure that she was the one I was going to spend my life with but not for long cos I set eyes on DOYIN,the girl who resumed three weeks after we did.She asked me where JSS1C was with the most adorable voice I had ever heard before then.From then on,I was polygamous,It was certain I was going to have problems with my parents.Polygamy was not something that was popular for almost 10 generations and I sure wasn't the one who was going to resume it,epecially not as the turn of the 21 century was just around the corner,polygamy was getting unpopular,I needed to act fast.two ladies in one mind didn't do any good for motivation.Solution:drop em both,get along with boys,ther were no complications with boys,it was certain you weren't going to marry em and you could have as many as you wanted.Four years went by,basking in perversion,I lost my chance with the two most beautiful women I had ever set my eyes on.

My chance for my first female kiss came Two years after graduation from secondary school,it was sudden and pleasurable,so good that I've been stuck ever since.I saw the right path as the kiss overwhelmed me,I swear scales fell of my eyes.As soon as I left her that day, I went to a church where I prayed for forgiveness and deliverance,how could I hve been crazy,cos I believe only a crazy man would eat for the thrash can when he could work and earn "meat pie and coke" FOR WHAT NOW!!!! I and AISHA shared many more of such encounters,many more.She liberated me,thus I cannot forget her as long as I live............I love you even though you don't think so...

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  1. :) lol sweet, haha...but u've been thru quite a few crushes. haha @polygamy...yeah, you got that right cos I'm sure ur parents wouldn't be pleased. So are u still in contact with Aisha?

  2. hmm.... I don't think I really agree with you
    but you are right polygamy is wrong:fidelity or abstinence is cool
    Not really in contact with her,sadly,but I will be......just don't know when

  3. lol...finally a post, I've been waiting siiiiince! Dude u r seriously polygamous o! As in crush galore, no worry u go stll Marry sha sha! Although I hate crushes..if I like someone I attack straight, it may be slow but it sure beats the uncertainty around crushes lol

  4. yeah that's the problem
    I too dey like em

  5. out of curiosity what don't u agree with? that its sweet? lol

  6. yeah,I was depicting gayness somewhere in the story,so I hope you saw that and believe,in respecting the freedom of people's choices no matter how sick they might be,I don't facny gayness,not anymore at least lol