vendredi 16 octobre 2015

SWIM - Phones, float and E-commerce

Yesterday was my swimming class alongside the adorable elderly ladies - I say this because they somehow believe that I'm a fast learner act awed by how fast I learn so I, in turn, find them adorable. There's one particular lady who is pretty athletic despite her age, not only is she slim and fit but then she swims pretty well. To cut a long story short, I'd say that she inspires me because she learnt to swim a little bit late in life which is... inspiring.

On my way to the class I held my phone in my hand and the thought struck me about how mobile phones have evolved with time since I started using them. And to think of it the evolution was actually pretty fast year after year, we discovered entirely different phones from the last year's lot : Today I have a mobile phone that's capable of doing pretty much everything and more, just like the laptop computer I had about 7 years ago : The accuracy of the GPS, the quality of the pictures taken by the mobile phone camera, the surfing experience, etc... I mean with an app, my phone can detect a song playing and then go online to find information on that song and the deliver that information to me seemlessly. Talk about evolution !

My class went on fine and I was able to start swimming on my back. but I had a tube like floater which helped me to stay afloat. The technique is this : I hold on to the floater, then I "lie down" on the water gently so that I don't get water in my mouth or nose - I found out that it was better to close my mouth and just breath through my nose. While lying down, I start flapping my legs rapidly but with little amplitude which means that I was just making small strides with my legs and I saw myself floating and I don't need to tell you how much I was glad about this little ;) step in the right direction.

Today I don't know why but coming across an interview of a e-commerce owner, I got to learn about a web application for e-commerce called prestashop and I decided to check it out. For now I've installed EasyPHP which is combination of software that's necessary to start up a web application. It includes a web server software (Apache), a database server (MySQL), and a scripting laguage (PHP). These three tools are necessary to host a fonctional web application (or web site if you wish). So after installing these this combination, that's popularly know as AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) - on Windows Operating systems, it's called WAMP, which acts acts as the "foundation" of your web application/web site, we can now install the e-commerce application. I 'll let you know how that goes but for now I'll just be "playing" around with these new tool. Wish me luck.

P.S : I haven't forgotten about ruby

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