samedi 10 octobre 2015

RUBY - A date with ruby (learning ruby on rails)

I've been meaning to get into some programming for a little while (only aboout 10 years :D) but I've never seemed to be able to get to it.

Firstly it was me not seeing what I would want to do even if I learnt how to program. Then it was me being afraid of the whole programming thing especially when I'd see source code that went on and on and on...

So now I've decided to just do it and take one day at a time learning a little each day.

A video on youtube... two videos actually, suggested that I keep track of the steps I take in order to learn and also take note of difficulties and how I solved them eventually.

For now I'm going to read a lot of material and watch videos on ruby programming, later on I will move on to rails and then get to learning javascript.

Is this the best way to go at it ? I don't know. We'll see how this goes eventually...

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