mercredi 14 octobre 2015

RUBY - The end of tryruby

Yesterday I was finally able to complete the eye-opener course on and let's say that even though I'm not exactly proficient in coding, I now know that there are variables, methods and arrays in ruby. I also know that you can access files on your desktop or even on the internet using ruby and then you can display or modify these files.

The next step is studying using the poignant-guide to ruby. The tryruby course actually links to it.

And so far the course has been mostly about the same things that I've seen in the tryruby course but what makes this course interesting is the fact that the author has these comic characters all over the book and they take your mind away from the "work" you're doing learning ruby. It's a new way to write a book, especially a programming book but it's pretty nice.

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