samedi 5 décembre 2009


Walking down the road,I started to realise how much my life had changed in just a couple of months.I now had way much money than I ever dreamed I could have.I wore clothes that I didn't need...Who the heck changes five times a day? and into specially matching outfits?

I look at myself in the mirror and I'm disgusted by what I see.time was when I used to derive joy to see my cute face,nicely muscled,fatless body and my hair had me wondering if it was really mine.I thought I was a sight to see.I thought I was beautiful.Today it's not the case..No,not anymore.

On the exterior,I'm looking faboulous,exactly like I always dreamed.But internally,I know better,I know it's just like a scotch-egg.A rotten egg inside and yummy,mouth-watering coat on the outside.You never know until you bite.

I have on 6 articles of clothing,I now live in a cold part of the world.I now kiss boys.....yes BOYS,just to get money.I do things that Mum will never approve of.She would say "that's not what good boys do!"

I had all it took to be a success btu I got carried away by the fancy things,the cars,the clothes,everthing looked!

But No!....Not anymore.I try to think,how I got so filthy in such a short time.i definetely don't like the person I am's not who I wanna be.I look at my life and I wonder if I'm in a movie or something.

I'd read books and see movies with men that do real awful things and I'd wonder how they changed from being innocent,cute,young kids that they once were to being diabolic humans,Now I think I have an idea...they didn't plan it.

The story of my new "job" started with clara,I think of her still.....

hehehe How y'all doing? holla at all my pips
Got mad love for y'all
sorry I'm having these sick Ideas these day but it's the most I can do with what I have right now

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  1. You write very well G-funk, that was so real. I guess most of us rarely plan these backslides.

    I was just thinking of you yesterday when thinking of male writers for the blogsville interactive. Let me know what you think.

  2. nice!!!
    hope say you no dey kiss boys sha?
    have a good one, pal!!!

  3. @Myne:you know I feel honored that you're always around to comment on my posts even though sadly I don't really do the same for yours.the thing is I don't really have fact let's just say I have problems blogging so that's why I don't leave those comments and whenever I get a chance I just have to do the first thing that comes to my mind.

    I wanted to do a post commited to you one time but it completely slipped my mind,but I'll definetely do it sometime in the future.

    And about the blogsville interactive,I'll do "anything" to please you,so I guess I'm game cos if you feel I write good,who am I to think otherwise

    Kisses and love

    Your Gfunc hehe

    @David: Brother mi,no vex oh.
    As you dey carry all the whole girls,you no know sey other less fortunate liek me go dey get hard time see girls to holla at,them no dey even look my face lol

    Hope you're good bro


  4. Allright G-func, thanks for your comments. I just realised you're in naija and I know the power and internet wahala. I'll keep you posted.

  5. ok ma'am no problem
    I'm at your service

  6. Nice caught my attention right from the beginning...have u ever thought of writing professionally?

  7. Boo is here

    I'm really flattered
    me wey dey drool over your writing
    and you're saying this bout me

    professionally,I have actually considered that,as well as Rocket science and motor bike stunts and sky diving and tiger training and..... lol

    I just don't know yet, I guess I will one of these days when I decide to get off my ass