jeudi 12 novembre 2009


I stood there looking at it's face.
It was crying and it seemed to only have one purpose:

Annoy me out of my mind

She had left him with me since last week.Just after my last rest that lasted 30mins.

She had come in just after I had fallen asleep.

She had told me it's name but now I don't remember.

I think she said it was a girl.....or was it a boy.....I seriously don't remember.

The last time I cahnged it's diapers I was tranced,under the spell of insomnia that I barely recall what I saw.

I walked slowly to it's crib,I put in my hands to grab it's neck with a desperate look on my face.I had to do it.

I had to sleep.

I saw it's face turn from red to white.It wasn't crying now.

Just then the phone rang and a voice said "Look out the window"

There I saw Mrs. Bolaji,the nosy bitch

"I called the Police and they're on their way",she said.I felt like dying and that point

then she added,"I also called the hospital son,you need help"

I never thought I could see the day I'd be thankful for the nosy B****h.I just glided into oblivion in a silence...strangely.

I thought I heard someone walk in but I don't remember...I don't remember

7 commentaires:

  1. Nice, had 2 read it twice to quite get it. Wish i were longer

  2. haha bravo ...
    now, tales from the insane assylum please!

  3. No mind me I just had to do something
    Got the idea in my head and I put it down
    It's the usual finger to keyboard kinda thing my hands form the story without a active part of my brain being involved.

    Much love especially @Dufa

    @Neyo:I can't be loving you too much now and this your kind picture dey make me fear sef

  4. G-func, I hope you'll be contributing to the blogsville story?

    This is very creative, but scary men...Did he kill the baby?

  5. I think I'll let your mind answer that questio because frankly he doesn't even remember the whole story.I wrote it,having a point of view of the guy at the point when he went unconscious.

    so I don't remember.

    I hope you understand.

    lots of love at ya


  6. na wa oh.this is freaky.and she hasnt sent me the pposts yet,if you can sen it to me i'd really appreciate it.

  7. What mail address do I send it to
    already wrote this on your blog but for full measure,I'll write it here again