lundi 28 décembre 2009

BOOM BOOM yeah! yeah! fire don catch me oh!

I signed into google reader and saw that Vera had put up a new post.It was a sunday morning and I was set for church but just decided to glance at my various accounts online *yahoo,google,facebook,...* but as it was a verastic post,I decided to just do a quickie since I couldn't really tell when next I would be online and just like a delicious scenting meal,you can't help yourself,you just gotta have some.

I began to read about how she wished the whole of blogsville a merry christmas and in general it was a post rhyming with the season.I was about to close the window and save the post for later when my eyes caught the words Nigeria and terrorist.I thought it was a joke so I went on to read.It actually was a joke *or so I thought* about some Nigerian suicide bomber *don't fit,right?*

She said the guy had been trained in Yemen to mmake explosives and ish and that he had boarded the plane from Nigeria to Detroit and I think he had attempted to blow up the plane somewhere around Amsterdam but then he had been caught and stuff.

My first impression was that it was just another "story" to get nigeria once again in the highlight,cos people can't just get enough of Nigeria in international news and what better news to hear than some about how we're a corrupt nation and stuff.But Terrorism???!!!! now that just don't fit.

She went on to say that Nigerian and Terror don't go along like the only time you find those two word in a sentence is when you talk about how it's nearly impossible for Nigerians to be terrorist so I guess the dude(Omar Farouk Abdul Mudallab) was just trying to prove he could be the new ""Obama bin laden" for the west" if you get my drift?

Like seriously,Nigerians do all sort of stuff for money,but they want to have money and stuff and live to enjoy it.Like Nigerians could kill someone else for money but not themselves.I doubt that money was the reason for this dude's action I seriously do *see me talking about general knowledge like it's my personal intuition*

I'm trying to make a point here about how Nigerians and terrorism just don't go along,I don't think I'm making a good job of it like my boy Scribbles would but not to worry I have a feeling he'll not delay to do so soonest.

One more way we could look at this is if this guy has been brainwashed by some juju ish,like yeah! Y'all can't deny not knowing about all them old ladies that live behind your family compound in the village that tend to be "doing" your ass,sometimes for no absolute reason or maybe because you father's father happened to have sent her mother to the stream to fetch water for him to clean his cutlass and then she takes it upon herself to revenge her mother all because of the childhood tale her mothe recalled during the burial of your father's father and all this while you're totally ignorant of your family's "great trespass" *I hope y'all get this,you ought to be a regular nigerian to understand this*

Anyways,the guy must have some familiar evil spirits running after his ass that cuased him to fall the hand of his family

"bloody maga"

I get to the end of this post and want to say that I think we're having an e-fight,I and
Ms' Dufa
She don't be commenting on my blog like it was in the begining.I guess this is the way all realtionships turn sour.It hurts to think it couldn't be different with her.

"She's just like the rest"


"This is a challenge Dufa,prove you're different and let's be the new 2010 "Bonnie and Clyde" lol" just holla babe,haven't seen you here in a bit

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  1. Like I have said before,there's more to this story......compliments of the season!

  2. Lol...ur not serious oh...I commented on your last post. Even if you don't see a comment form me, just know I read it...It's not like that now????? Our love is forever. Lol...

    Bout that naija terrorist, I'm already tired of talking about him...It has nothing to do with anyone jazzing him...He just had islamic extremist views and he was willing to kill himself for it. If he has chosen to be a terrorist,then nobody else should be blamed for his action.

    Compliments! :)

  3. Forget about Farouk, I'm just glad no one was killed. How you enjoying this Christmas? Happy new year in advance oo and remember our deal.

  4. How was xmas? Happy New year in advance
    Mr Farouk has become a topic of discussion everywhere
    my heart goes out to his family

  5. Thanks for the comments and compliments
    I wish you guy like-wise

    @Dufa:I seen that now and you're forgiven

    @Sweeetness:you're so sweet,thanks!