mardi 8 décembre 2009


A Posts that starts with me having like no idea where it's going to end or even the general idea.

The first thought coming to my mind now is the thought of change.I'm wondering what would it have been like if I had acted differently,if things had turned out differently.

She sat there looking at me and I could see that look in her eyes,I could tell,even if people told me otherwise,that she loved me.She would shout at me in public,she even threw her drink in my face that one time at the beach but I know that she still loves me.

That's why I have her in my place all tied and beaten up....Now who's laughing?

I told y'all that she would be mine some day but y'all thought I was lying.It's been 11 months,three days and 14 hours since she became mine.My possession to use whenever I wanted.

I held her hands now and she looked at me with that same look,definetely love was in the air.

I turned to descend the stairs when I felt some swift movement behind me,I turned to find out what it was but it was too late,I hadn't even made a 90° when the cylinder of the fire extinguisher impacted on my forehead.

Everything went green-now I know they lie when they say you see white or black and hear noises-I found myself before a Big man whose face I couldn't see because of the light and awesomeness that surrounded him.

His voice was the most gentle,I've ever heard.Soothing as a deep sleep.

I heard him say, "Take him away,his name is not here"

"Who was and where were they taking me to?", I asked myself

Just then I felt the heat and a piercing scream struck my eardrums.I knew I was going to like it where I was going to.


I woke up and knew at that point that I had to stop obsessing about Rekia,I definetely had to stop.

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  1. OMG and I thot it was got me there o!

  2. lol@tied her up..i was like shoo?

  3. Definitely a bad one if he dreamt he would like hell. LOL, he better get over his stalkee.

    Nice one...

  4. What can I say?

    Thanks guys!

    @My World: When it come to gfunc
    stupid things are possible hehe

    @Leggy:Nice to see you here

    @Myne:How's the blogsville story going to work anyways?

  5. If you keep an eye on the chapters, it will be easier to write yours when the time comes. But I usually help edit and put it in line. Send me an email at and I will give you some background.

  6. Oh WOW.
    I like the way you used words to grab our attention - I love it man

  7. Oh is it just me or is your blog in french?

  8. Thanks for the compliment

    About the kinda is

  9. I dont get...y did u get hit? I read it twice and still dont get..pls explain brain must be slowing down at this hr

  10. he's a kidanapper
    you know those obsessed-kinda stalkers who lose it sometimes and probably do stuff to hurt those they're stalking.

    The girl found a way to untie her bonds and had to get rid of the dude-hit on the back of the head with a fire extinguisher cylinder,works every time hehe

    I hope it's clearer now?

    cheers boo!