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It's really funny how as a kid I'd read books and just read.... but as I got older I began to realise the amount of work it takes to actually write stuff and not just any stuff but stuff that makes sense.A whole lot of things; creativity,discipline and like hanging on to the end and also being able to see where you're going before you actually get there so that what you do now will rhyme in an absolutely choc * my own word hehe* way.

It's just something I was thinking about and I decided to write it up there,I wonder if anyone feels the same way or it's just me or ....


I walked over to the Notice board and there was my representation-a drawing of someone that represented me.I was delighted at the fact that for once I actually had some publicity at a school wide scale.

I know y'all is not getting the whole picture of what I'm saying so I'll try to develop some background detail so that when I come back to the point where I left off= " ....wide scale " .

In school where I was in my first year,after all the years of staying back home and playing the lottery that jamb has a good percentage of nigerian students involved in.During this period I had worked a couple of jobs,manual jobs to be exact,infact load carrier to be more clear.This job had come through a cousin of mine who worked a store selling bags of rice of 50kg a sack and being that I was in the process of prouving to myself that I wasn't the lady like man that most people have the tendency to think I am,I took up the job and during the time stepped up my everyday work out and at the end of a year period i could proudly say "I am a whole nother swagger level,see pic below:

pretty impressive at 17 don't y'all think? lol

Anyways back to the main stuff,I got into school and was feeling like "nfana ibaga" though there were a couple of other guys that could make me close my mouth at anytime,story of sey no be only me sabi do "homework", but when i say a couple I really mean a couple so I had a certain level of respect which only increased for each time I opened my dress shirt or didn't take off my body hugging tees.And to top all of that It wasn't just for show I was actually able to opress a lot of guy and I mean literally opressing them not like I ever did though, ok maybe a few times but I was only stronger than me I couldn't help it.

Shy guy who always went to church and read his books never gave me lots of opportunities to be as vain as I would have liked.I went through first semester and having cool results though not as good as I would have wanted but hey I had a whole lot of guy *remember a lot means a lot*and a couple of girls *scarce resource in my school,sad story* being envious of my grades hehe!!

Second semester had me wanting to come out of this imaginary cage restraining me.Fill in for the Macho man competion of the school but I later on was to find out that Church people had organised a programme for that night and they were mostly against the futility and vanity of going about exhibiting your body and a view of your privates included.So macho man and Miss pretty of the school day had me in church asking God to make my grades better than the last year's, give me and my parents loads of cash and maybe help up catch Osama Bin laden and also stop all the wars and poverty going on around the world and yeah that he also....

Since I couldn't go in for that I later on found out there was to a Pretty boy show which didn't require taking off so many items of clothing and there was also to be another Fine girl competition.Getting to find out that there weren't so many contestants I decided to apply on the same day of the competition just to do something different ,y'all see how long it takes for me to decide to have fun or do something I don't do everyday,not to say that there aren't people who do these things without even giving it a second thought but had to be a war.

I came out of the competion not winning and not even close to being the winner.

REASON: Boy has absolutely no swagger even though he's cute,real cute even and could have my number anytime but he's not what we're looking for.actual wonner has a whole lot of swagger and enough fine so he'll do.Sad decision but it has to be made


A week or two after this event,I was in my room whne I heard the voice of two guys,one was " my manager " at the said event and the guy was a friend of mine, both being my classmates had had a clash during one of our course and let's just say things got out of hand.

A bit of details: Guy 1 was a big ass bully who hardly ever found anyone to contest his desires except me and Guy 2,was more like the all talk and not too much bite and he being skinny didn't help matters at all.

At the moment when I came out Guy 1 had Guy 2 at the edge of the balcony,I quickly moved in to restrain him before he did something silly.It wasn't easy but I did it * does this line remind anyone of anything? *

Back to the main phrase I actually wanted to make before I started talking about all this really unnecessary stuff in the bid to make y'all understand what I'm saying even tough I know that I've done a bad.....real bad job of doing that.In other words,or should I say in the actual words like the only words that real comprehensible humans use: Please refer to the third paragraph

I stood before the board that had a drawing representing me and the two guys that fought and how a ceratain Mr Fine boy (from behind) was macho enough to stop the violence in a dormitory hall.Why the heck didn't he contest for the macho competitiopn where his talents would have been more appreciated and together with his fine boy,he definetely would have won.

I was speechless.Some people recognised me and came over to ake small talk,I even signed a couple of autographs...yeah right!

Disclaimer: I, in no way, mean to give a false impression of the character in the story even if it * the character that is * is similar to any person or persons alive ,asleep or in some sick bay *they are mostly sleeping all day so can they be said to be alive?*. Well if the character resemblance to anyone, I don't really care hehe

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