samedi 16 mai 2015

Gfunc and CL

On wednesday, like most wednesdays, I went to church.

A lady, about my age, from a far away church has come to visit our town. She's quite talented : plays the guitar, plays the piano,flies airplanes and she sings too (The singing could have been implied, right ?).

So there I was in church... on wednesday, with this guitar that I have (notice that I didn't say MY guitar ?), trying to learn what a guitar was with the lady that's visiting, let's call her CL. After trying for about 5 hours a while, CL finally figured out that I wasn't exactly BB king (RIP) so she asked me to sing instead because she had heard when I mistakenly started humming to a song she was playing on HER guitar.

Hesitant at first, but after a while, I too started to enjoy the singing. The sound of the guitar made the song sound so much better than it actually was. She then went to get the keyboard and THEN was she was happy, few songs later and when I tried to sing one in her native language, she looked like she wanted to jump up and kiss me... a holy kiss of course, which she didn't do (*just so there's no misunderstanding)

She reminded me of good memories, days when I really enjoyed singing, I probably still do but times have changed.

Thank you CL for taking me back to a place I once knew :)

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