samedi 2 mai 2015

Back for this time

Reading my old posts I wonder what I was on when I wrote some of them.

I don't drink alcohol... very often so I wonder why I would write things that are totally incomprehensible, even by me.

Does anyone still have a blogspot account that they use besides Linda Ikeji ?

Like everyone else who comes here after a long while, I remember the days of blogsville when everyone was like family and unlike facebook.

This social network was all about sharing and we liked to read what was going through people's minds or what was going on in their lives. We got attached to people because of their stories, their style of writing, the number of comments that they made on our posts and a whole lot of other reasons. Sometimes people put on pictures and we liked them for their physical feature because they looked like our childhood crush - Are there people who have never had crushes ?

A lot has happened since the last time I've been here, I've changed in a lot of ways.

I still follow blogs on my phone, I use an android app called Greader and so I've kept in touch with blogs like Good naija girl - I like her a lot, Verastic (They've been the most consistent over the years) and a few others.

I'm trying to bring value to whoever reads this blog in the future so this blog is going to take a real direction and I hope there's something great at the destination.

See you soon loves. Cheers !!!

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