samedi 18 février 2012


Why does the sound of music affect me so much ?
To hear a really good sung song just gives me goose pimple
Especially when it's live,
And by live I don't mean having the singer physically present before me,
It could be a recording but just the crude nature of life music fascinates me

In the dark I focus on the light. Seeking a return to place I once knew
You know that place where garri water was a delice. With sugar and salt combined and coconut, the really mature coconut fruit that has the rich milk in in. Tell me about a treat.

When I don't know who I am anymore and I focus on looking like Mama John's daughter, the one that came back from lagos. And apparently she doesn't go to the toilet anymore. I think this is an impossible feat. How do I know ? I tried. Three days and a severe stomach pain and did I scream "freedom" when I burst open those toilet doors the day kaki was about to turn to leather.

Chinedu doesn't talk to me anymore. I think it's because I told everybody that he was a thief, or maybe because I was talking to Ijeoma his girlfriend everynight while he frustratingly tried to get in touch, some nights she kept him on hold to answer my call, and he ofter held on until sleep beckoned. It probably might not be any of this, it might probably be beacause I owe him a bicycle that I drove his father's car over. I really can't be sure, cos these aren't reason enough to make him stop talking to me.

So I took Stacy out today. Along side with two of her friends. It was her birthday. Grilled steaks, potatoes, roquefort sauce, three balls of ice cream in a large cone, a birthday cake and 17 photographs taken by 3mpx camera of my nokia e71 phone.
Plenty money spent and afterwards, she was in a hurry to get home, there was something important. A quick thank you and Good bye and I'm left stuttering as I try to say .... what was I trying to say ? Well I'll probably remember before the next time I have to clean out account

2 commentaires:

  1. So you are back also!
    Was happy when i saw your comment.
    Thank you.
    As for the are funny as usual.but really you told people he was a thief?

    so you spent the money on stacy's birthday and your went home empty-pocket?. e-y-a..ahahaha.

  2. I never really left, just didn't feel like writing. Maybe that because I wasn't getting any comment lol

    I don't know what I told people about him, but if I did, it must have been the truth or I was joking ^^

    I wouldn't say I spent ALL my money just about 99.5% of it :D