jeudi 22 septembre 2011

Words that free themselves

- Can I have a tart,.... no make that two tarts and two cups of yoghurt
- Could I have some cherry jam to go with that ?
- A piece of a month-old chocolate cake as well and two bananas.
- Yes that will be all, thank you.

Lunch couldn't be any more grand, I was floating on air until the aches started, I had assumed that they were cramps as I never stopped believing I was pregnant and that in due time, I would bring forth...

As I walked down the street, I looked at the glass door of the cyber-café and I saw a reflection, the funny thing was that the image looked just like Carvil !!! Oh my ! You know what they say about you becoming like the people you hang out with... so true.

As I took the turn just after the fruit seller's place, I noticed something else... no not a girl! I noticed how people moved... fast-paced like they were in a race or something. Not stopping to breath in the air of the okoko market place... now that I think of it, neither will I. Not stopping to feel the rush of the late afternoon breeze in their hair and on their faces. Not...

The rush, it seems like they know that we have little time and they have to make up for that. I wonder what to make of all this.

My belly still hurts but I move on, I have to keep on going, how else was I going to get home ?

I've gotten home now, my stomach doesn't hurt anymore. I quickly take off these " carvil-kinda clothing ", and then I place myself before the computer and try to write this out... this has been playing in my head all day long: how the post would begin and how it would end, but now that I put pen to paper, I can't even remember where to start from.

Why isn't the computer charging anymore ? I wonder... but that's a problem that I don't have time for right now.

I get up and go to the parlor to stay with the kids, they're making too much noise so I head to the kitchen and there Aunty is quite eager to let me make the eba while warming the soup and blending boiled carrots for the babies meal. I look at her and I smile, a genuine smile not like I had smiled at Lilian earlier on.

I wanted to tell her something like God bless you or thank you but I knew she would ask question, she wouldn't JUST understand and probably smile back or something, she would rather ask questions. I don't blame her, that's the way she is. Time was when I didn't understand her and I would interpret her actions falsely but now... now I still don't understand her and I don't even try to. I just adapt.

So for dinner it will be Eba, okro soup, bananas, and like before yoghurt but this time with strawberry jam.

Dinner is over, I'm lying down on my bed sleeping and it's 2:07 and I feel like bringing forth the pains again. I wonder when, I'll be due I ask myself... then I hear:

It won't be long now

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  1. cool....but eba,okro and bananas

  2. Lol at the meal combo. Really cool writing

    Muse Origins

  3. @ Muse: Why thank you !
    Will stop by at your's . Cheers !!!