dimanche 4 avril 2010


...has nothing what so ever to do with this blog post,it just sounded like a really cool blogpost title hehe!

You know that God's awesome,right?

Like who the heck y'all think gets you up in the morning?

cos looked at from the angle where I am now,the fact that you're "semi-dead" when you sleep make it quite easy to say that one could easily pass to the dead state.

Like when you sleep,you're on the boundary of life and death and more in the dead zone if you ask me.But there's a Power,something greater than you and me that gets you up,not like an electric equipment that gets spoilt and is no longer reparable.

I'm not coming out as clear as I want to but I think someone somewhere gets the message that I'm trying to pass across saying that GOD is AWESOME.

I pumped up a whole lot of calories in me that I was kinda scared about the way I ate a couple of days ago.I see people trying to loose weight and stuff.Paying huge sums of money to probably go to gym or something,waking up every saturday morning to go jugging..... and I'm here trying to turn into Yokozuna.na wa oh!!!

This is another random post to say anything that comes to my mind being that I haven't been up in here in a while and I'm trying to overcome what's keeping me from blogging.

Funny thing is I had all this ideas going on in my head all week and the week before but at this very moment that I type they're all vanished like poof...sucks!!

I'm guessing that somewhere someone has been coming over to check on my blog to see if I have put up an update or something but getting disappointed that I don't have any up when he/she gets here.I wanna thank you for your...fidelity lol...and say that you should leave a comment and tell me I actually was write about saying what I just said in this paragraph

I hope this "rant" of randoms thoughts qualify as a post.



To anybody reading me...well not reading me but reading my blog for the first time,I offer you a kiss/peck if you're a girl and a handshake if you're a guy hehe.I guess that's fair enough

and my next post will be coming up real soon with something real cool to read so stay fixed and don't touch that dial * lol I be sounding like Shola thompson or Dan foster hehe*

Okay I best leave now before someone hit me with a rock for my silly "jokes"


9 commentaires:

  1. Yokozuna..imao ( You are too funny o)

    Happy Easter to you and hope you update sooner cos we pissed.lol

    Stay blessed and watch the eating for real o, I don't want you becoming a Yokozuna. Cheers!

  2. hehe

    happy Easter to y'all too

    @Myne:Thanks for the comments and "support"
    means loads to me.

    @yankeenaijababe: about the Yokozuna bit
    that's exactly what I'm trying not to become
    so don't you worry!!

  3. yokozuna? lol
    how was Easter?
    This is not my first time here
    but i still deserve that kiss sha


  4. @GnG:well now you do...or at least today

    @Sweetness: that your blog eh,I wonder wetin dey make me follow am sef cos I dey smell one kind hausa perfume any time I enter even for googl reader the smell still dey come over....lol

    I am a fan like groupie kinda but what the heck is that french /spanish/japanese/arab song that is always playing each time I open up your blog.Song's kinda nice though

    cheers *Kiss*

  5. lol wow its been ages. and God is amazing awesome.

  6. @Zel: I will soon

    @Miss NAtural: didn't know you still come around here

    thanks for checking me out

    cheers y'all