mardi 7 septembre 2010


Hi guys, it's been an awefully long bit and I just want to apologise to all my followers and all those who pass by here from time to time.I miss you guys loads.I haven't really been away from blogsville -lol never thought I would use that word.I read all your posts from reader but the internet connection I have is messed up and doesn't let me put up posts *at least the one time I tried to*

Anyways I would like to holla at my girl Ms.'dufa-haven't heard from her in a while so try and holla and why the heck is your blog not found ?

I would like to holla at Miss natural,Good naija girl,Zel,Yankeenaijababe, Myne Whiteman and everyone else who stopped by.Thanks for all the love.

I had written a couple of stuff down but was unable to post em so I'm a do that just after this

Bisous !!!

2 commentaires:

  1. Welcome back..Nice to read from you...Come back soon with those posts k?

  2. I hope I'm back for good
    I read your post about your Dad
    I hope you're aight though
    I pray that God moves in his life and he gets better
    Take care love