lundi 28 mars 2011


Do not think that my title has anything to do with what I'm going to speak of in this post cos it doesn't or maybe it does ... well we'll see as the post goes on because right now I have no idea what i'm going to write on ...

I put up a post last friday that was inspired by the housewife *not so much of one now* who tells "nitty-gritty" tales :D * I know that sounds wack but abeg no come put sand for my garri by saying it* and it was kinda cool, and now seeing that I got two comments from my two most regular commenters IBAHDE
and Myne and I guess they want me to blog more often so here goes ...

I guess I'll do this random because the ideas are not coming, so ...

I went to church yesterday ... not like I don't go to church every sunday, but this sentence has to start in some way and not necessarily by "In church yesterday ..." because not everybody know what day yesterday was cos I sure sey for some parts of the world my yesterday was not their yesterday cos mine was sunday and thiers might have been tuesday or wednesday .... I don dey stray from the original aim of this post.

So like I was saying before I interupted myself I was at church yesterday and then the day's message was on faith and stuff and I think it was a kinda cool message talking about how it's impossible to please God without faith... Go check out the book of Hebrews chapter 11 *good stuff I tell you* . Anyways I know a bunch of you guys have heard messages on faith and stuff but in any case what made that special was that I got on facebook that evening and there was some guy also talking about faith , coincidence ???

In other news, I just might be getting married soon and I mean semi-geological kinda soon lol. I read a lot of blog posts about people's relatives asking them when they were going to get married and stuff. but I normally assume that these people are in quite older that me cos I no too dey look my self like old person na abi na because i get bear-bear ?. From yesterday's talk i guess i should start paying closer attention to girls yanshes girls so that I can pick one to be my girlfriend and then we go come marry after "dating" for some time or better still we no go even date sef I go just pray then God will reveal my wife and I go go yarn the babe sey we gats marry na na na or else God go vex * Father forgive me * or even better yet I fit do it Chinua Achebe old school style and just tell my mama to go find girl wey come from a good family and the day wey i go see her first na the day wey we go do engagemant and then that night there will be a test .... *CENSORED*

So I titled this post "the smell of perfume and cheap wine", I guess i'll just have to say something about that . I saw that phrase somewhere and I thought it was reall catchy and kinda cool so i wrote it on facebook and guess what ??? nobody even commented on it . i was like what the ??? Why was I the only one finding that quote beautiful... ok not beautiful but then there was a kind of mystery about it that just made you want to say something, no ?

Oh well so I decided to keep on writing about it everywhere until i got someone to feel the exact way I felt about it and then leaves a really long comment comment that makes me go " Now that's what I was expecting !! "

I know this post has been really just one big rant but i did it for love, but seeing that the result is not so cool I shouldn't have bothered sef

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  1. lolzzz are u usually this funny or is it just temprorary.... u got me laffing through out.
    RFLMAO... am sure ur mum wld happily help u look for a wife, no matter how MODERN a mum is, am sure she'll jump at such opportunity.
    Anyway hopefully u'll find one that keeps u happy

  2. Funny ? Who ? *looks behind shoulders *

    I 'm really glad you liked the post, but you saying it's funny ... * no comments *.

    Yes everybody hopes for happiness. I hope so too !

  3. miss ya girl, great to know you are feeling better and your new blog layout is spicy cutie...:=)

  4. sure you are not a comedian? *laughing over my laptop*...........look at gals yanshes? think i need to see your pastor in camera.. hahhahaaa...& tnxx for the mention..just continue sending humour to blogsville & see if you can keep up with the comments..*hi5*

  5. @ Yankeenaijababe: This kind comment wey you make here, e get as e be oh ! Are you sure you're on the right blog :/

    @Ibhade: Last time I checked comedy no even dey my family sef not to talk of me being capable of doing comedian work, I really appreciate your comments and all, and I mention cos I enjoy your post and want others to enjoy them too.

    As for the girls' yanshes, ho wme go do na ? that thing na automatic, once you see the babe, you must check out what she has to offer. It's stronger than me * I joke *

    Take care and have a nice week !!!

  6. lol u'r weird but i love ur weirdness :p ..i think it should be "the smell of cheap perfume and wine" cos cheap perfume really has a strong unmissable scent while no one really can pinpoint the smell of cheap wine.
    I hate when no one comments or likes my carefully constructed genius facebook message so i feel you jor :p

  7. Lol Well I like to appear weird even if I'm not * at least i think so * I may appear to be so because I have all these thoughts in my head that I have a hard time writing down in a comprehensible way.So I tend to mix it all up when I talk. I add a bit of reality and fiction (made-up stuff).

    About the cheap wine, well I don't use so much perfume so i can't say I know anything about cheap or expensive ones. But knowing so many wine lovers I tend to hear people talk more about wine and the quality and stuff and if you ever met a "connaisseur" of quality wine. You wouldn't dare serve him cheap wine, from meters away he's sensed the quality of your wine.

    Thanks for stopping by, I am already reading your post back to day one lol

  8. But at the end of the day you are right, it ought to be the smell of wine and cheap perfume