vendredi 25 mars 2011


Does my title even make sense ?

So I logged on jejely on google reader to see who had updated and of course who hadn't and there was a post from IBHADE . You know the apparently Edo woman who gives us the latest gossip in her area, from her diary-kinda, friend-yarning-with-friend-gossip kinda blog ? ... * sounds of crickets creeching* ... hmmm ? Well if you don't, check her out here. :D

So she got talking about how she doesn't give a **** anymore about certain stuff she used to fret about back in the day, and was asking herself if she was normal ... Well if she thinks there something wrong with her attitude towards things then that will mean that I'm probably irredeemable.

Like her I don't care much for designer articles; clothes, accesories, shoes, whatever. I go for quality most times that not. I don't care much for appearances and I more often want to appear at my worst.

You ask why ??? ... me too

Firstly I'll say it's just a way of me wanting people to appreciate me for me
another human like themselves just because. I do not believe in working to gain the love of someone ... I guess.

I want to live in a perfect world where people are not moved by physical things - beauty, money, cars, swagger even. I don't know if I'mmaking any sense but I guess it would be quite complicated to explain what i'm trying to mean because sometimes I don't even understand what I want myself.

I've been in situations where I've let go of certain benefits I could have gained from people just because I was made to feel I HAD to do something for that person in return. I don't do this with everybody, it's usually with people I call friends friends and family or those that I have plans to someday consider as friends and family if you get what i mean ...

I like to give stuff out when I do that is *winks* without expecting anything in return. I mean, if I let you have something, it's gone and forgotten, I don't really expect you to pay me back ... even though it could be nice to have that though. But you'll never hear me make statements like "Shebi after all I've done for him/her/you, he/she/you could/could not ..." *try to understand this sentence*
or "You know you owe me for what I did for you on *insert occasion* " or ... well y'all get it already.

I'm the sort of person that would go weeks not cutting my beard, cutting my hair, or even rubbing mama africa vaseline on my skin just beacause and I'm still the one who goes out of his way to buy some "expensive" soaps, really swing deodorant *I don't joke with that even though I may not look so fried rice but i dislike smelling like beans :D* I'd cut my hair every single friday and trim my beard just perfect. i like to look good to dress up and look presentable but that's definetely not what deifnes me. People ought to try to read between the lines of the sentences that make up the book of the lives of people * I like *

In another rant, I'll talk about entirely different stuff, like how this girl caught me staring at her yansh and went to report me to my mama * I joke, I joke , I kid, I kid * No actually, I want to talk about how I've come to appreciate sun and stuff how I found this blog about a Lagos "celebrity" of some sort who keeps a blog that recounts "his" "fun filled" night life in the city of lagos and other major nigerian cities where e dey happen.

I read and I really don't know what to make of all he says, I kinda admire the way he's chosen to stand for something * smh * and not give a **** . Because there's usually a disclaimer at the start of all his posts warning people of the content that might figure in his write-ups and a bunch of other stuff how many people get the correct web etiquettes to read the disclaimer sef ? but some people just have to play preacher and try to force advice this adult to change from his ways * insert blank look and then picture me laughing in esperantus * . It is cool to advice people and talk to them about God and stuff, but if all you have to say when you come to play is based on what society considers "moral" then you have no idea what moral is.

I've always read this sort of post - which sort of post you say ? well posts like the one i'm writing now - and didn't think i'd one day be writing one like it anytime soon but you never know ...

I'd love to "rant" some more so I'll just start another post after this one so that way y'all don't have one long ass post to deal with so I say;

À tout de suite !!!

P.S : I tried editing but I just tire for the matter jo !

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  1. humbled.. tnxxx so much for the mention & describing my blog to the T! are so funny! I had to re-read some statements so as to laugh the guy, dey update often now, blogsville needs more laugh to help keep the stress away! when would you update again?..

  2. You've been missing in these parts. Nice to read you again. Totally agree with you on Ibhade's post and Nobs...

  3. @ Ibhade: I'm just saying what is . I like your blog and your total realness and your regular updates give me a good read mos time I log on reader. And about the mention, well i'll just say it's like the first time i drank/ate supreme ice-cream, I went about giving testimonies :D. I don't know about being funny but i'll try and update more will probably do so right now even.

    @Myne: The Nobs bit was just that obvious abi ? Anyways thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate you stopping by to do so even if I don't really leave comments on yours, * blame it on the google reader * I'm following all your google feeds though. from your blog to your buzzes and if I ever get possessed by that evil spirit that is twitter, I will follow you if you have an acount on there .

    P.S Thanks a lot guys for the comments , y'all don't knwo how much that make me feel cool :-*