vendredi 3 avril 2009

IT BEGINS..............

. . . . As I looked at the advancing fist,I imediately blanked out and got into a kind of dreamlike world where I heard voices laughing,I think they sounded like donkeys and shouting get up,I had heard stories of people seeing stars or probably taken unscheduled trips to heaven *one way or return flight* but I had never heard about laughing donkeys shouting "get up".As I pondered,I felt a light tap,believing it was all part of unconsciousness I didn't respond,then came the slap.

I immediately open my eyes and jumped up,wondering what had happened.Thing was that I actually hadn't fainted or anything like that but I had just triped frighten by the impact of the anticipated punch.I had been standing close to the fire extinguisher post,the dead-end where Thomas "the pire" Agbaniyaka had me cornered,He was about to kill me for hanging out with his girlfriend and stalking him on facebook posing as a girl leading him on by being very emotional and making the fool relate with a girl who completed him and shared his philosohy of inflicting pain on others and was just perfect for him but somewhere along the line I had written my name on the wall of a mutual friend,telling him I wasn't a gal so he should stop trying to holla at me,but little did I know the APROKONESS of facebook atr the time because I was still accessing via mobile.Thomas had found out and had decided to send me prematurely to heaven,hence the fight.Luckily as I fell to the ground it was already too late to retrieve the punch his fist was badly lacerated as it collided with the outlet part of the cylinder of the extinguisher.Being a tough guy he had tried to bottle up the pain a bit but after a while the reality struck him and he screamed like a frightened monkey

At that everyone began to laugh and that was when I got up,It was so funny that I joined in,Thomas looked at me with eyes full of hatred,as if to say "you're dead meat man" but that didn't stop my laughter,I laughed so hard the poor fool must have thought I had gone crazy.He began making attempts to walk away aided by his two goons,Jide and Segé.All off a sudden he stopped,as if he had been informed that he had to save face a bit,he picked up a log of wood on the floor,I had seen him bend down but I couldn't be bothered by what he was doing I was having the grand time.All of a sudden I caught sight of a UFO and then everything went black.............

I hope this qualifies as my first official story into blogsville,may my road in it be smooth,I really am not cut out for the rough

I hope to also win like 17 awards in the blogsville award,so I hereby make this declaration to y'all blogsvillians or blogvillites whichever you prefer

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