samedi 2 octobre 2010


I thought I heard em say they loved me
I thought they meant it
I thought they saw beyond my wealth and beauty but now all that's gone I know better
I lived like there was no tomorrow
well Today is the tomorrow I thought there never was
Doesn't make sense
That's normal most people think I'm crazy


I woke up and looked at the clock,It was a couple of minutes to seven which left me about and hour to get set to be on my way to church.I had promised to join in cleaning up the church building the week before so ....

Teeth cleaned, hair brushed and bathroom slippers on, I made for Iyana Ishashi taking Alebiowu street.It had rained the night before so a quick spray of muddy water on my clothes by an Okada man and there was no doubt that I'm not living the life I want to be living.

I brush my shoulders *not like there was any dirt there but because I can dey like form like mumu sometimes* , I bring out my mp3 player that I had bought second-handed from an Aboki *malam **Hausa trade** * at Alaba-rago.

The Aboki had sold it to me thinking he had ripped two hundred naira off me but little did he know that this mp3 is worth way more to me than I paid him for it.Even though I had bought it at 300 naira less than the average buyer I knew I could have gotten it for 200 hundred lesser than I did but I was in such a happy mood to get it that i let that 2H slip *it ain't goin happen next time man, money wey I go jejely use carry sukirat go Mama Iyabo place chop better Amala kpshewww!!! *

A couple of touches later and I have Drake singing Paris morton music to my ears

Wouldve came back for you ,
I just needed time, to do what I had to do
caught in the life, I cant let it go whether thats right I will never know,
hoping you will forgive me, never meant wrong,
tried to be patient, waited too long,
but I wouldve came back, but i wouldve came back,
wouldve came back, wouldve came back.
Wouldve came -

Hearing his voice calmed me all of a sudden. As I walked on Adaloko road, seeing all the naked little kid on the street, watching Papa George trying to get fresh with the Paraga woman's daughter, seeing four people on one okada risking their lives just cos they didn't have much other options of transportation, even as I stop by kemi's place to buy roasted corn and coconut (my lunch later on) I felt like I was seeing a movie ... loking at my own life from the angle of a second person.

Music is my drug, it's what gets me through some hard times and stuff.

I walk pass a couple of pretty girls and i'm like "if only I was more of a man, I'd go say hi" and that's the most I do I continue my walk and finally I get to church and I stop before the gate to wonder if I was worthy to go in. I say a hurried prayer and walk in.

The first thing I lay my eyes on are Iheoma's breasts , I quickly look away and behold Daisy, the girl I've "loved" since like forever.If I ever get the chance .... well there's really no need to dream unrealistic thing now, is there ?


whatever was going through my mind writing,this I have no idea
I hope someone finds sense in it and you don't waste your time

Cheers loves !!!!!!!

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  1. oh yeah! every day was once a tomorrow, tomorrows do come!

  2. You always write well. Nice to read you again, hope you have a great month.

  3. I really liked it. Too bad you didn't continue with the rest of the story :/...

  4. Thanks you guys !!!

    Appreciate your comments and all

    cheers !!!

  5. Laughed @ papa George getting fresh with paraga woman's daugther....i mean seriously?

    Wealth attract many friends....just like sugar attracts ants...when it's no longer there, they scatter as the ants does.

    A good deed you are doing, in cleaning the house of for aboki's dem sabi cheat people now, unlike before when i thought they were honest people...dem eye don open!

    As for the 'babe' you dey 'eye'...hmmm... *grinning*....tnx for visiting my blog.

    p.s...why in french language? [just curious please...tnx.]

  6. Nice blog. Very interesting. No dull moment. Update again bro...

    visit my blog.

  7. @nittygritty: Thanks for stopping by
    I haven't been able to reply these comments for a while
    Hope you don't mind and yeah "happy new year"

    the blogs is in french cos I kinda like the language and understand a bit

    @Honeydame : I atually found a continuation and I just put it up right now.Hope you like it and thanks for stoppin by as well.

    Cheers !!!