vendredi 19 décembre 2008

phones and software

Hi ya there
i got the info that the latest nokia phone the n97 will be in stores by january 2009
This mobile is loaded with some awesome features such as 5megapixel camera,dvd quality video,wlan,bluetooth,touch screen,slide asdfqwerty keyboard and a whole lot of other awesome features you could check it out on;lst 
it's a real cool mobile
like a laptop you can carry in your pocket,y'all the internet capability is simply awesome
functions on conventional broadband networks

one more thing for those of you ho seek really awesome software for your phones no matter what phone it is you have found the last stop where you are going to get all you mobile software,themes,games,e.t.c    check it out at

2 commentaires:

  1. There are quite a few phones with these capabilities now.. no?

  2. I really can't give you a lot of details but the nokia phones normally have an edge over other phones of the same category.

    There are some basically awesome features which cannot be lacking in nokias that some of these other models don't have;operating platform,easy of navigation,shortcuts,file exchange,upgradability and stuff,the list is endless.......